Logos 5.2 Beta 3

Logos 5.2 Beta 3 ( was released on October 30, 2013.

New Features

LLS Resources
   Implemented the ability to select whole words in all resources (when smart selection is turned on) even if detailed smart selection data is unavailable.

   Added Korean, Italian and Chinese Bible data types.

New Tab Panel
    The right-side column of the New Tab panel has been implemented to be able to resize. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study
   The user’s preferred Septuagint is now being used by default
   Phrases section titles in Bible Word Study now respect the font slider.

   Dragging a resource from the Library to a Bibliography will no longer add a citation for a previously opened location, but add a citation for the resource as a whole. (See this thread.)

Command Box
   Fixed crash when dragging ‘Show Help’ from command bar to Shortcuts. (See this thread.)

   Fixed crash navigating Guide to the same key as another open Guide.
   Topic guides customized with collections in 5.1b should now be reflected in 5.2. Unfortunately, modifications to topic guide collections in 5.2 Beta 2 will be lost. (See this thread.)

Home Page
   The Date/Title line for Lectionaries on the Home Page is no longer truncated with long references.

   Fixed issue where the Highlighting panel would not re-dock correctly after being floated.
   Copying the location to the clipboard as Wiki or HTML no longer crashes the application and hyperlink that is created is now correctly parsed. (See this thread.)

New Tab Panel
   Resizing the right-side column of the New Tab Panel on Mac now behaves similarly to Windows.

   Dragging content from one note editor to another now works. (See this thread.)
   Fixed issue where copying text from a resource into Notes/Clippings/Bibliography did not provide citations. (See this thread.)

Passage Lists
   Selecting “Save as Passage List” from the Cross References section of Explorer will open the Passage List in main window not in a new tab of the Explorer side panel.

   Fixed issue with Morph Search Analysis view preventing exporting to Microsoft Excel. (See this thread.)

Topic Guide
   Previously removed the “topics.logos.com” section from Search without adding a similar section to Topic Guide. It has been implemented. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Mac

Bible Sense Lexicon
   ‘Save as Passage List’ has been added to the Lemmas section in BSL.

   When creating a Collection and switching font from large to small there is no longer an empty area created in the Collections list.
   Fixed crash due to DispatcherCaller firing after Collections Panel has been closed.

    The date is now properly aligned straight in the Title section of all Guides.

   The text entry fields of the Label Text section in the Edit view of the Highlighting panel now displays the hint text.

   Selecting a saved layout in the left pane of the Layouts menu activates the ‘Close active layout’ hyperlink. (See this thread.)
   Any change from the named layout snapshot (movement, panels, etc.) causes the named layout in title to no longer be displayed on relaunch when ‘At Startup Open To’ setting is set to ‘Last Layout-Local’.

   Fixed issue where Documents and Guides were not removed from the list correctly when deleted.

My Library
   Fixed crash when selecting device column and then scrolling in menu of the Library.
   When setting Prioritization Limits the “from this resource” field now correctly displays the title of the resource.(See this thread.)
Prayer List
   The Answer box is now fully bordered in Prayer List.

Search Analysis
   In Analysis view, the ‘Previous’ column entries are now right justified.

   Added new sync tooltip for unauthorized user errors.

   Issue was fixed with dismissing the popup that would not go away in Syntax Search.

Bug Fixes for Windows

   Fixed crash when dragging the Clippings icon from the Documents menu into an open Bibliography document.

   Fixed issue with pinned taskbar icons being replaced with blank file icons upon updating – see Known Issues. (See this thread.)

Smart Selection
   Users can now change from smart to normal selection while they are dragging the cursor by holding or releasing the Alt key.

Syntax Search
   Fixed crash when scrolling in the syntax search results in The Hebrew Bible: Anderson-Forbes Phrase Marker Analysis (AFPM).

Known Issues for Windows

   Taskbar icons pinned before 5.2 Beta 1 may still be replaced with a blank icon. Repinning after Beta 1 should no longer be replaced.

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