Logos 5.2 Beta 2

Logos 5.2 Beta 2 ( was released on October 22, 2013.

New Features

   Added narrated resource icon next to resources that have associated audio resources.

  Added German and Dutch Bible data types.
  Search fields are now localized for Spanish, Italian, and a good amount for German.

New Tab Panel
   Improved the panel when opening a new tab. Options will be suggested based on the panel you open the new tab with:

  • All new tabs will provide a prioritized list of your frequently used resources/documents.
  • Opening with a resource will show a list of parallel resources or those with similar references.
  • Opening with a non-resource will provide shortcuts to Documents/Tools/Guides, or similar elements (History, Cited By, etc.)
  • Resources or other options can be clicked to open in the new tab, or dragged into another panel to open there and preserve the new tab list.

Passage Guide
   ‘Save as Passage List’ has been implemented for the Interesting Words and Music sections of the Passage Guide.

Passage Lists
   Added ‘Save as Passage List’ support to Example Uses, Grammatical Relationships, and Preposition Use section of the Bible Word Study guide.
   Added ‘Save as Passage List’ support to the Biblical Events section of the Topic Guide.

   Implemented a font slider in the Print/Export panel on Mac. (See Known Issues for Mac)

Resource Panel
   Floated panels should return to their original location when docked:

  • The simple case of floating one panel in a tab, then redocking it should work as expected.
  • Panels floated from a floating window and redocked should go back to the window they were floated from.
  • If a panel is floated and the tile it originated from no longer exists, it will use the existing clustering algorithm.

Bug Fixes

Bible Sense Lexicon
   When hovering over the Sense in the Interlinear Ribbon, the pop-up no longer shows duplicating Hebrew lemmas.

Bible Word Study
   The ‘Lemma’ and ‘Root’ in the Graph Bible Results panel is no longer displayed in English in the Spanish UI.
   LXX is no longer missing from Textual Searches section when Göttingen is prioritized. (See this thread.)

Home Page
   Users will no longer have to press shift+F5 in order to see new content on their Home Page since excerpts and media should now generate even if they have all been previously used.

   New resources opened will now prefer to distribute evenly among panels, rather than clustering on the left, assuming the two panels have similar content. (See this thread.)

   Resources viewed on Biblia.com will no longer register a “Web Viewer on Windows/Mac” as a device in Mobile Management. (See this thread.)

   Crashes with the “headwordLanguage must not be Neutral” error should now be fixed. (See this thread and this thread.)

Passage Lists
   ‘Save as Passage List’ will no longer merge references, and will instead be grouped to match groupings in the Passage Guide. (See this thread.)
   When using ‘Save as Passage List’ the PLs created will have titles referencing the section and query they were created from, e.g. “Passages:Prophecy:Jesus”.
   When creating a Passage List from Biblical People, Biblical Places, and Biblical Things the references are now grouped by entity.

Read Aloud
   In the LEB resource, Marv Allen’s voice no longer stops reading at 1 John 3:1. (See this thread.)

Resource Panel
   Fixed incorrect milestone linking in the ESVSB in Ps 148. (See this thread.)
   Headword results in the resource navigation box are now formatted consistently between Mac and Windows.
   Stereoscopic image controls will now only be shown when viewing stereoscopic images.

Rich Text
   Bible references that could not be converted to the Bible datatype and were previously omitted will now be accessible in various places within the application.

Search Analysis
   Column headers will no longer ‘flicker’ when re-sorting in Analysis view.

Search Engine
   Entering a question as a search query within quotation marks, e.g. “How could I have missed it?”, will now yield correct results. (See this thread.)

Search Panel Basic
   Searches containing a mix of LCV and non-LCV terms will no longer display Topic results for the LCV terms (e.g. “chronological wheat” would result in “wheat”).

Search Panel Morph
   Latin resources and collections of Latin resources will now correctly appear in the dropdown menu for Morph Search. (See this thread.)

Sermon Starter Guide
   Fixed crash when running a topic search from the Home page with narrower-focus Bibles prioritized over broader Bibles. (See this thread.)

   Resources with very long names are now truncated in Hidden Resources and no longer push both the “X” button and the vertical scrollbar far to the right. (See this thread.)

Topic Guide
   Results for the Collections section of Topic Guide will now be much more substantial and useful, to match similar sections in Sermon Starter Guide.
   Fixed issue where “Show all” links were unnecessarily applied to the last item in Biblical People, cutting it off for little reason.

Visual Filters
   Visual filters will no longer disappear from the drop-down menu after being deselected.

Bug Fixes for Mac

Bible Sense Lexicon
    After releasing the mouse in Actual Size view, the graph will no longer move around and requiring an extra click to ‘let go’.

Bible Word Study
   The English translation for Hebrew phrases now appears to the right of the Hebrew phrase.
   Hyperlinks in the Phrases section now highlight when hovering over them.

Home Page
   The Go box text is no longer truncated vertically. (See this thread.)
   The first-time indexing message no longer displays the string error.

    The context menu for grouped columns in Analysis in Bible, Clause and Morph Search is now translated in Spanish UI.

   Users are no longer able to launch multiple instances of the application or Indexer.

My Library
   Area no longer becomes too large when entering a long series title, and ‘Clear user series’ hyperlink is no longer truncated. (See this thread.)

   Notes document now supports Changjie and Pinyin inputs.

Passage Lists
   Lemmas will now be ordered alphabetically (to match Windows) when using Save as Passage List.

Personal Books
   Fixed scaling with font slider in Description text box and drop down menus.
   ‘Finish’ button text alignment has been corrected.
   ‘Type’ and ‘Language’ choices are now correctly aligned to the baseline and left justified, rather than centered.

Prayer Lists
   Frequency sentence will now be correctly aligned to the baseline for group prayer lists.

Rich Text
   Superscript and subscript buttons will no longer conflict with each other and the correct style will be applied.

Sermon Starter Guide
   Fixed crash when expanding Passages section of SSG with top Bibles restricted to OT or NT prioritization. (See this thread.)

Topic Guide
   Mousing over the images in the Lightstock.com section will now correctly display tooltips.

Bug Fixes for Windows

   The Guides and Tools menu no longer appears in English when in the Spanish UI of the system format is set to Spanish.

   Highlighting the active tab should be much more accurate.
   Fixed crash when account password is changed while the app is still open.

Media Resources
   The tooltips for courseware titles now display correctly.

Known Issues

Known Issues for Mac

   Text in selection boxes (Print, Page settings) is not affected by the font slider.

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