Logos 5.2

New Features

   Added an ‘Edit guide template’ option to the context menu for new Guides.

   Implemented “Search this resource” to context menu in Library.
   Added narrated resource icon next to resources that have associated audio resources

  Added Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, and Korean Bible data types.
  Search fields are now localized for Spanish, Italian, and a over half of German.

   Made navigation more sensitive to Hebrew and Greek marks. For example, previously double-clicking the root עֵזֶר would take you to I עזר, even though the better match is I עֵזֶר.
   Improved the resource distribution algorithm: (See this thread.)

  • Resources will now default to opening on the right, while guides/documents will open on the left; only applies to the first panel opened in a blank layout.
  • New resources opened will now prefer to distribute evenly among panels, rather than clustering on the left, assuming the two panels have similar content.
  • The algorithm considers each group of tab types within the panel individually, e.g. resources, guides and note documents, rather than picking one tab to represent the contents of all the tabs in the panel.

New Tab Panel
   Improved the usability of the New Tab Panel. Suggested options are now based on the last active panel:

  • All new tabs will provide a prioritized list of your frequently used resources/documents.
  • Opening from a resource will show a list of parallel resources or those with similar references.
  • Opening from a non-resource will provide shortcuts to Documents/Tools/Guides, or similar elements (History, Cited By, etc.)
  • Click to open the page items in the same panel or drag and drop an item to open it and preserve the current New Tab list.

   The right-side column is now resizeable. (See this thread.)

Passage Lists
   Implemented “Save as Passage List” to the context menu of several Guide sections, Bible Facts sections, and the ‘Cross References’ section of the Explorer tool.
   When saving search results as Passage Lists, the list will now open in the same panel as the corresponding Search. Also applies to saving as Bibliography, Collection, and Word List. (See this thread.)

Prayer List
   Implemented Group Prayer Lists that can now be shared with an existing Faithlife group. Each member of the group may add/view prayer request items.

Resource Panel
   Panels moved to a floating window should return to their original location when docked:

  • The simple case of floating one panel in a tab, then redocking it should work as expected.
  • Panels floated from a floating window and redocked should go back to the window they were floated from.
  • If a panel is floated and the tile it originated from no longer exists, it will use the existing clustering algorithm.

Search Panel
   Implemented linguistic sensitivity for original language searches, including items such as breathing marks and accents. (See this page for a list of commands.)

Smart Selection

  • Smart Selection has been implemented for select resources (See this thread for more info), and a toggle has been added to Program Settings.
  • Smart Selection allows for text selection based on word, clause, sentence, and paragraph groupings. Holding Alt/Option will allow normal selection, and Alt/Option+RightClick will select the word’s logical cluster.
  • Implemented Smart Selection based on words in all resources (when smart selection is turned on) even if more detailed smart selection data is unavailable.

New Features for Mac

Media Resources
   Implemented new view controls to better display stereoscopic images.

   Implemented text scaling in the Print/Export panel on Mac.

Bug Fixes

Bible Sense Lexicon
   When hovering over the Sense in the Interlinear Ribbon, the pop-up no longer shows duplicating Hebrew lemmas.
   Sense verses are now grouped by lemma. (See this thread.)
   References in the Lemmas section are now sorted canonically.

Bible Word Study
   The user’s preferred Septuagint is now being used by default.
   The ‘Lemma’ and ‘Root’ in the Graph Bible Results panel is no longer displayed in English in the Spanish UI.
   LXX is no longer missing from Textual Searches section when Göttingen is prioritized. (See this thread.)

   Dragging a resource from the Library to a Bibliography will now correctly add a citation for the resource as a whole. (See this thread.)

   APA citation style now shows page numbers for resources that are indexed by page number.
   Page numbers are applied consistently to citations in the Bibliography. (See this thread.)

   Collections saved as Parallel Resources will now be correctly loaded when opening a resource of those collections, and left/right arrows will cycle through them. (See this thread.)

Command Box
   Fixed crash when dragging ‘Show Help’ from command bar to Shortcuts. (See this thread.)

Context Menu
   Translation of the book of Ecclesiastes is now correct in the French UI.(See this thread.)
   Right-clicking on punctuation in the ESV no longer returns incorrect references.
   Bibliography pop ups no longer display a strange-looking horizontal line at the bottom with no further information.

Copy Bible Verses
   When opening Copy Bible Verses in its docked location and clicking Ctrl+F11 (or Option+Command+B) it will now open to its last floating location instead of the default location.

   Changes made to the settings in Example Uses section are now respected. (See this thread.)
   Corrected formatting of references in Biblical Events sections of the Passage and Topic guides.
   The guide Definition section more accurately displays the actual headword that was matched for original language words.

   The “About” section of the Help menu now shows what base package you have purchased. (See this thread.)

   Applying a highlight with an image will no longer displace the text or cause incorrect word breaks. (See this thread.)
   Fixed issue where the Highlighting panel would not re-dock correctly after being floated.

Home Page
   When working offline Prayer Lists are now visible on the home page.
   Excerpts and media should now be displayed correctly even if they have all been previously used.

   Bible references are now being displayed when ‘Show other references’ is not selected in Settings.
   Added ‘Translations’ setting in the information panel. (See this thread.)

   Resources viewed on Biblia.com will no longer register a “Web Viewer on Windows/Mac” as a device in Mobile Management. (See this thread.)

LLS Resources
   Applying the “>>Inline Pointers<<” highlighting style to text preceded by superscript will now display the “>>” correctly.
   Fixed issue where select lectionaries showed the wrong date in the active reference box upon scrolling.
   Footnotes will now appear properly on page in select resources utilizing tables. (See this thread.) Note we do not support footnotes within tables.

   Localized the ‘Collections’ heading in the info pane of the Library panel for Swedish.
   Localized all the instances of ‘Results’ in the Preposition Use section of the Bible Word Study guide for Spanish.
   Fixed truncation of ‘Agregar’ button in the Word List Add menu for highlights.

   “Unparsed reference: popup.pos” errors are no longer appearing in the Logos.log file.(See this thread.)

My Library
   Fixed issue where queries within quotes were being matched with aggregates of My and Community tags. (See this thread.)

   Dragging content from one note editor to another now works. (See this thread.)

Passage List
   ‘Save as Passage List’ will no longer merge references, and will instead be grouped to match groupings in the Passage Guide. (See this thread.)
   When using ‘Save as Passage List’ the lists created will have titles referencing the section and query they were created from, e.g. “Passages:Prophecy:Jesus”.
   When creating a Passage List from Biblical People, Biblical Places, and Biblical Things the references are now grouped by entity.

Personal Books
   Creating a Personal Book with the Latin language setting in Word will no longer give the warning “Unknown language: ‘la-Latn’“.

   Fixed issue where using Print/Export on select resources with “Show page numbers” enabled caused 100 page output. (See this thread and this thread.)
   Fixed issue with Morph Search Analysis view preventing exporting to Microsoft Excel. (See this thread.)
   When opening Print/Export in its docked location and clicking Ctrl+F11 (or Option+Command+F) it will now open to its last floating location instead of the default location.

Read Aloud
   In the LEB resource, Marv Allen’s voice no longer stops reading at 1 John 3:1. (See this thread.)

Resource Panel
   Bibliographic citation popups will now have dividing lines to match Windows implementation.
   Suggestions for Hebrew words in the Navigation bar will now be sorted with exact matches first.
   Fixed incorrect milestone linking in the ESVSB in Ps 148. (See this thread.)
   Headword results in the resource navigation box are now formatted consistently between Mac and Windows.
   Headword results that are ambiguous now append the article title in parentheses.
   Typing text in the reference box returns better suggested words.
   Copying the location to the clipboard as Wiki or HTML no longer crashes the application and the hyperlink that is created is now correctly parsed. (See this thread.)

Reverse Interlinear
   RVI will now focus on the selected original language word if the translation is too long for the panel.

Rich Text
   Black backgrounds for text entry will now be applied correctly.
   Deleting an item in a numbered list will no longer cause list items to lose their numbering or be numbered incorrectly.
   Fixed issue where dragging a selection from a resource into Notes/Clippings/Bibliography did not provide citations.
   Inserting a hyperlink will no longer cause words entered after that point to also be hyperlinked.
   Bible references that could not be converted to the Bible datatype and were previously omitted will now be accessible in various places within the application.

Search Engine
   Fixed issue where select words were not word-broken correctly, leading to incorrect selections and missing results.

Search Panel
   Column headers will no longer ‘flicker’ when re-sorting in Analysis view.
   Entering a question as a search query within quotation marks, e.g. “How could I have missed it?”, will now yield correct results. (See this thread.)

Search Panel Basic
   Redundant sections have been removed due to better integration with the Topic & Sermon Starter Guides.
   Searches containing a mix of LCV and non-LCV terms will no longer display Topic results for the LCV terms (e.g. “chronological wheat” would result in “wheat”).
   Tooltips will now properly display for “Search for...instead?” links and will open in the same panel. (See this thread.)
   While set to Spanish, using the Spanish words for tags will now give proper results.

Search Panel Clause
   Results in Analysis view will now be abbreviated horizontally rather than truncated vertically.

Search Panel Morph
   Improved sorting for lemma suggestions for “lemma:” searches – exact matches should now be listed first.
   Latin resources and collections of Latin resources will now correctly appear in the dropdown menu for Morph Search. (See this thread.)
   Morph field label ‘Tense’ changed to ‘TAM’ which stands for Tense, Aspect and Mood.
   Morph field label ‘Mood’ changed to ‘Yiqtōl Volitives’ in Hebrew and ‘Yiḵtuḇ Volitives’ in Aramaic.

Sermon Starter Guide
   Fixed crash when running a topic search from the Home page with narrower-focus Bibles prioritized over broader Bibles. (See this thread.)

   Fixed crash in Settings when tabbing to dropdown menu of ‘At startup open to’ and pressing down arrow to select layout. (See this thread.)
   Resources with very long names are now truncated in Hidden Resources and no longer push both the “X” button and the vertical scrollbar far to the right. (See this thread.)

   Fixed a crash launching the program to work offline.
   The Hebrew milestone upgrade will no longer end prematurely upon encountering a faulty index file.

Topic Guide
   Added a link to the Sermon Starter Guide to the Definition section of the Topic Guide.
   Fixed issue where “Show all” links were unnecessarily applied to the last item in Biblical People.
   Links for relevant information between Topic Guides and Bible Facts have been improved. (See this thread.)
   Previously removed the “topics.logos.com” section from Search without adding a similar section to Topic Guide. It has been implemented. (See this thread.)
   Results for the Collections section of Topic Guide will now be much more substantial and useful, to match similar sections in Sermon Starter Guide.

Visual Filters
   Visual filters will no longer disappear from the drop-down menu after being deselected.

Word Lists
   Changed error message wording: “Text does not contain any usable word data.”

Bug Fixes for Mac

Bible Sense Lexicon
    After releasing the mouse in Actual Size view, the graph will no longer move around and require an extra click to ‘let go’.

Bible Word Study
   The English translations for Hebrew phrases now appear to the right of the Hebrew phrase.
   Hyperlinks in the Phrases section now highlight when hovering over them.
   Phrases section titles in Bible Word Study now respect the font slider.

   Box around Clippings now resizes properly with font slider. (See this thread.)

   When creating a Collection and switching font from large to small there is no longer an empty area created in the Collections list.

   Documents and existing guides can now be opened by clicking and dragging the title of the document. (See this thread and this thread.)

    The date is now properly aligned in the Title section of all Guides.

   The text entry fields of the Label Text section in the Edit view of the Highlighting panel now display the hint text.

Home Page
   The scroll bar in the Customize menu is now aligned correctly.
   The Go box text is no longer truncated vertically. (See this thread.)
   Fixed issue where switching quickly between desktops can cause popups to appear on a desktop where Logos is not the active program. (See this thread.)

   Selecting a saved layout in the left pane of the Layouts menu activates the ‘Close active layout’ hyperlink. (See this thread.)
   Fixed crash when trying to save a named layout.
   Any change from the named layout snapshot (movement, panels, etc.) causes the named layout in title to no longer be displayed on relaunch when ‘At Startup Open To’ setting is set to ‘Most recent layout – local’.

   When opening the application in French UI, the login screen text is now being displayed correctly. (See this thread.)
    The context menu for grouped columns in Analysis in Bible, Clause and Morph Search is now translated in Spanish UI.

   Fixed issue where Documents and Guides were not removed from the list correctly when deleted.
   The About window is no longer blank in the Portugese UI.
   Users are no longer able to launch multiple instances of the application or Indexer.

Media Resources
   The “Related Media” links now work correctly in select media resources.
   The volume and fullscreen buttons in media resources are no longer truncated.

My Library
   When setting Prioritization Limits the “from this resource” field now correctly displays the title of the resource.(See this thread.)
   Area no longer becomes too large when entering a long series title, and ‘Clear user series’ hyperlink is no longer truncated. (See this thread.)

   Notes document now supports Changjie and Pinyin inputs.
   Background button no longer truncates when selecting a color. (See this thread.)
   Keyboard shortcuts for subscript and superscript now behave as listed in the Help file. (See this thread.)

Passage Lists
   Context verses in Memorize view are once again in gray text.
   Fixed styling of the ‘Add Versions’ hyperlink.
   Lemmas will now be ordered alphabetically (to match Windows) when using Save as Passage List.

Personal Books
   Currently selected Personal Book will now have a blue bar on the left, rather than a blue background.
   Additional metadata fields are no longer truncated when compiling a Personal Book. (See this thread.)
   Fixed scaling with font slider in Description text box and drop down menus.
   ‘Finish’ button text alignment has been corrected.
   ‘Type’ and ‘Language’ choices are now correctly aligned to the baseline and left justified, rather than centered.

    Fixed crash when switching from Greek Lemmas (Modern) to Greek Lemmas (Erasmian).

Rich Text
   English text no longer jumps to the left of pasted Hebrew text in Notes. (See this thread.)
   Superscript and subscript buttons will no longer conflict with each other and the correct style will be applied.

Search Analysis
   In Analysis view, the ‘Previous’ column entries are now right justified.

Search Panel Basic
   Hyperlinks to the Topic and Sermon Starter Guides now turn orange on hover.

Sermon Starter Guide
   Fixed crash when expanding Passages section of Sermon Starter Guide with top Bibles restricted to OT or NT prioritization. (See this thread.)

   The “You must restart Logos...” message under Hidden Resources is no longer truncated. (See this thread.)

   Added new sync tooltip for unauthorized user errors.

Topic Guide
   Mousing over the images in the Lightstock.com section will now correctly display tooltips.

Bug Fixes for Windows

   Fixed crash when dragging the Clippings icon from the Documents menu into an open Bibliography document.

Exegetical Guide
   In Word by Word section for Galatians 5:22, each fruit of the spirit is a separate entry instead of just one word.

   The Guides and Tools menus are no longer in English when in the Spanish UI of the system format is set to Spanish.

   Fixed issue with pinned taskbar icons being replaced with blank file icons upon updating. (See this thread.) Taskbar icons created before 5.2 Beta 1 may still be replaced, but should persist after this update.
   Highlighting the active tab should be much more accurate.

Media Resources
   Fixed crash when rapidly switching between ‘Fit’ and ‘Actual Size’ in image resources.
   The tooltips for courseware titles now display correctly.

Passage Lists
   Cursor focus is no longer lost in Quiz text boxes when switching between List and Memorize views.

Personal Books
   Prioritizing a personal lectionary will no longer cause errors preventing it from being rebuilt. (See this thread.)

   Fixed crash when trying to print/export large infographics.

Rich Text
     Hebrew text no longer switches direction when English is typed on the same line. (See this thread.)
   Attempting to sync after changing password while logged in will provide a message prompting a restart and re-login.

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