Logos 5.1b SR-1

Logos 5.1b SR-1 ( was released on September 30, 2013.

Bug Fixes

Bible Sense Lexicon
    When searching for ‘to destroy (damage)’ the Derived subpanel of the Bible Sense Lexicon is now showing the correct results.

Bible Word Study
    Fixed crash when expanding the Septuagint Translation section with Logos LXX for a study on “ἕτερος”. (See this thread.)

Copy Bible Verses
    Copy Bible Verses will now include book, chapter and verse number information. (See this thread.)

    Using ‘P’ as a shortcut key while Copy Bible Verses is open will now correctly highlight and not also Copy and Paste the selection into Word. (See this thread.)

Media Resources
    Fixed crash while playing select LEB Audio tracks. (See this thread.)
    Fixed issue where users with slow connections couldn’t play select videos.
    Fonts and font placement for time display should now be uniform across different media resources.

Bug Fixes for Mac

Bible Facts
    Fixed crash selecting items from the drop-down list in Bible Facts. (See this thread and this thread.)

    Fixed crash when switching back and forth between large and small layouts. (See this thread.)

Passage Analysis
    Fixed crash upon closing Passage Analysis window while viewing Compare Pericopes.

Program Settings
    Fixed issue where Hidden Resources could cause Program Settings to respond slowly.
    Fixed issue where scrolling through the Hidden Resources panel would ‘stick’ occasionally. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Windows

Home Page
    Fixed crash when opening the home page at startup. (See this thread.)

Media Resources
    Loading video now shows the spinning wheel rather than cut off “Loading” text.
    Progress bar on videos will now continue to track while in full-screen mode.

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