Logos 5.1b Beta 1

Logos 5.1b Beta 1 ( was released on September 11, 2013.

New Features

    Implemented a new section for Lightstock.com that displays Christian stock photography in the Topic and Sermon Starter Guides.
    Graceway Media links in Passage Guides now successfully connect to Gracewaymedia.com.
Bible Sense Lexicon
    A new ‘See Also’ section for links to related data has been added.

  • Bible Facts and Topic Guide now contain links to the Bible Sense Lexicon links for related senses.
  • ‘Louw Nida #’ link is included in the ‘See Also’ section that opens to the appropriate Ln number (or range) .

    Non-Biblical senses in Relationships section are italicized.
    Sparklines are not shown for non-Biblical senses.
    Tooltips have been added to the Relationships section.
    Lemma section has been updated to include stems, occurrence count, and language.

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study
    Lemmas in Senses section are now listed by importance, not alphabetically.
My Library
    Fixed crash when opening Library in a floating window.
    Deleting all text no longer incorrectly reverts back to default styles when the styles have been changed.
Search Panel Clause
   The following terms have been added to the Spanish Clause Search suggestions.

  • cosa
  • verbo-lema
  • verbo-ln
  • adverbial-superficie

Search Panel Image
    Image thumbnails are now resized when they’re loaded which will prevent an OutOfMemoryException.
Search Panel Morph
    Non-Bibles can now be added to ‘Add Version’ in search results. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Mac

Bible Facts
    Maps are no longer blank when displayed in a docked panel. (See this thread.)
    Improved performance of the ‘Close All’ command.
    Image Search suggestions are now localized for Spanish.
    When typing in Korean the characters are no longer highlighted in yellow.
Resource Panel
    “Download all videos” and “Delete downloaded videos” options have been added to the panel menu for video resources.
    When ‘Use Internet’ is set to ‘No’ the help icons are no longer enabled.

Bug Fixes for Windows

    Font settings no longer change to default when clicking to a blank line. (See this thread.)

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