Logos 5.1a RC 1

Logos 5.1a RC 1 ( was released on August 21, 2013.

Bug Fixes

    Playing a video and stopping it at x seconds can now be synchronized and resumable from that position on another device.

    Online video link in the Spanish UI now goes to the Logos Spanish videos page.

    Updated the copyright date in the About panel.

Search Engine
    Search results in Spanish now shows ‘X seg’ instead of ‘X sec’.

Search Panel Clause
    Clause search suggestions now works after switching resources.

Search Panel Morph
    Ending type ‘paragogic hē’ has been added in the panel for Hebrew verbs.

Sentence Diagram
    Fixed crash when pasting a clause visualizer graph into a sentence diagram in Non-English UIs.

Bug Fixes for Mac

    Information panel buttons are now localized in Spanish UI.

    Handout documents no longer synchronize from Windows to Mac.

    When looking at Analysis view with no columns selected in Spanish the ‘Option + click a column...’ text is no longer clipped and is now localized in Spanish.

Read Aloud
    Fixed crash when attempting to read aloud the LEB or other resource with a pre-recorded narrator while offline.

Resource Panel
    The font size slider in the panel menu of a resource now affects the size of the font on the info page. (See this thread.)
    There is no longer incorrect line breaking in the Resource panel. (See this thread.)

    The ‘Drop resources to hide here’ box is no longer resized smaller.
    Layout selected in ‘At Startup Open to’ is now honored. (See this thread.)
    The help icon for the Hidden Resources section is no longer displayed on the far right.

    Timeline resource buttons are now localized in Spanish UI.

Visual Filters
     The hint text in ‘Search Field’ of Visual Filter is now visible.

Bug Fixes for Windows

Bible Sense Lexicon
    Fixed crash when copying the definition from Bible Sense Lexicon to a Notes document.

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