Logos 5.1a Beta 1

Logos 5.1a Beta 1 ( was released on July 22, 2013.

New Features

Search Panel Clause
  • AND/ANDNOT/OR are now supported in Clause Search.
  • ANY/NONE are now supported in Clause Search and will be available in the autocomplete option after a separator.
  • German, French, Dutch, Italian, and Afrikaans languages are now available in Program Settings.
Notification Center
  • Messages for indexing, resource updates and application updates now appear in a yellow notification bar.
  • Actions available from the Notification Center:
    • Dismiss the notification bar
    • ‘Click to download updates’
    • ‘Cancel download’
    • ‘Click to restart Logos 5’ once application updates have been downloaded
    • ‘Pause indexing for 4 hours’
  • The notification icon becomes yellow/enabled when:
    • The notification in the bar is dismissed by clicking the ‘x’
    • An additional notification is received
Search Panel Image
  • Added check box ‘Image Type’ to select all image search drop down menu options. (See this thread.)
  • Reorganized and restyled the Program Settings panel.

Bug Fixes

Bible Sense Lexicon
  • The topic title in both the description section and in the tool tip popup now respect the font slider setting.
  • Search term now scales with definition when font slider is adjusted.
  • Article titles in Chicago Manual of Style and APA citations are no longer italicized.
  • APA citations now generate correctly.
  • Turabian citations now generate with correct formatting. (See this thread.)
Home Page
  • Lectionary widget now correctly displays readings that are more than 14 days in the future. (See this thread.)
New Tab Panel
  • Clickable area when adding a new tab is now larger.
Passage Guide
  • Fixed bug that displayed every single entry of ‘1001 Illustrations that Connect’. (See this thread.)
  • The ‘SermonCentral.com’ section now displays results.
Panel Menu
  • ‘None’ option in ‘Columns’ and ‘Link Set’ is now highlighted in blue when selected. (See this thread.)
Passage Lists
  • Hebrew text is now oriented from right-to-left in practice and quiz view. (See this thread.)
  • System Locale can now be changed from Russian to English. (See this thread.)
  • ‘Bible Text Only’ option in the resource panel no longer causes incorrect indentations to appear when printing or exporting.
Resource Panel
  • Text is no longer missing when paging in a resource set to column view.
Reverse Interlinear
  • Selecting a column in the ribbon now correctly navigates resources set to column view.
Resource Panel
  • Space is no longer missing before capital vowels in the default Greek font. (See this thread.)
Rich Text
  • Bullet points can now be deleted in list items that are indented.
  • Decreasing indentation no longer removes all levels of indentation at once. (See this thread.)
  • The default font color is now correctly respected. (See this thread.) (See this thread.)
Sentence Diagrammer
  • Manipulating an ‘S’ curve no longer causes the application to crash. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixed for Mac

Bible Word Study
  • ‘Relaciones Grammaticales’ (Grammatical Relationships) in the settings menu is no longer truncated in the Spanish UI.
Copy Bible Verses
  • ‘Back’ button in Copy Bible Verses is no longer truncated.
Graph Bible Results
  • Search terms in Bar, Column, and Pie Charts are now aligned correctly.
  • A scrollbar is now available in the ‘Compare Versions’ section.
  • Scroll bar for Guides is now correctly placed in Guides menu in Spanish UI.
  • It is now possible to click ‘Return’ to input a second line of text in the ‘Description’ field.
  • Bold and italics buttons now render with Bold and Italics fonts when creating a new highlighting style.
  • Bold and italics buttons are no longer disabled when creating new highlighting style in Spanish UI.
  • ‘Remover(Clear)’ button in History panel is no longer truncated in the Spanish UI.
  • Information panel settings are now aligned properly in the Spanish UI.
  • ‘Last Layout – Local’ setting is now respected properly. (See this thread.)
  • Links in the Layouts menu are no longer truncated in the Spanish UI.
  • Hot key indicators no longer wrap incorrectly.
  • Hint text in no longer displayed in English when in the Spanish UI.
My Library
  • Library load time and UI are no longer slow. (See this thread.)
  • Incorrect data types in a resource’s advanced prioritization limits are no longer accepted.
  • Library panel is no longer truncated when resizing smaller.
  • Info icon in the Library Panel is no longer missing when in ‘Prioritize’ view within a narrow panel. (See this thread.)
  • Long titles are no longer intermittently truncated in the info panel. (See this thread.)
  • The short title field in the info panel is now fixed to expand when typing and the box resizes to fit the text after enter key is pressed.
New Tab Panel
  • New tab panel accurately opens a correct list of options when existing panel is out of focus.
  • Typing in Korean (Set-2 Korean) no longer causes a crash.
  • Numbered lists with no content no longer display the ‘Content’ hint text when focus is moved elsewhere.
  • Default note indicator options are no longer truncated in the Spanish UI.
Passage Analysis
  • ‘Conjunto de pericopas(Pericope Sets)’ are no longer truncated in the Spanish UI.
Passage List
  • Memorization practice cursor starting position no longer appears above the line when starting a new practice.
  • The previously entered passage reference no longer appears in the next entry’s reference box.
  • Reference box in Passage Lists is now correctly sized.
  • Quiz no longer stops when an incorrect word is entered in the second verse.
  • When memorizing a reference user can now review what they typed and see animated corrections before advancing to the next step.
Prayer List
  • Month selection settings of Prayer List documents are no longer truncated in the Spanish UI.
  • Resource citations are no longer larger than the body text in the Print/Export view. (See this thread.)
  • The help popup no longer persists when another panel is brought into focus using keyboard shortcuts.
  • ‘Add search terms here’ hint text is no longer missing in Syntax Search documents.

Bug Fixes for Windows

Bible Sense Lexicon
  • The graph results no longer populate number of hits incorrectly. (See this thread.)
My Library
  • ‘Devices’ filter is now available immediately after a resource update.
Passage Lists
  • The action buttons in Passage List documents are no longer greyed out in Memorize view.
  • Entering numbers in the Parent or Child counts no longer causes a crash.

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