Logos 5.1a

  • In addition to the fixes in RC 3, this build includes one background compiler change that does not affect the UI.

New Features

Bible Word Study
    You can now choose between the two septuagints in the ‘Septuagint Translation’ section.

Copy Bible Verses
    Renamed ‘OpenOffice’ to ‘LibreOffice Writer’ and implemented ‘LibreOffice Writer’ support to CBV tool. (See this thread.)

Home Page
    The home page getting started feature tells the user where to find help in the future and answers some of the most frequent new user questions.
    ‘Verse of the Day’ section added to the home page.

    German, French, Dutch, Italian, and Afrikaans languages are now available in Program Settings.

Notification Center
    Messages for indexing, resource updates and application updates now appear in a yellow notification bar.
    Actions available from the Notification Center:
        Dismiss the notification bar
        ‘Click to download updates’
        ‘Cancel download’
        ‘Click to restart Logos 5’ once application updates have been downloaded
        ‘Pause indexing for 4 hours’
    The notification icon becomes yellow/enabled when:
        The notification in the bar is dismissed by clicking the ‘x’
        An additional notification is received

Rich Text
    Implemented a button to the toolbar that toggles the direction of text between left to right and right to left.

Search Panel Clause
    AND/ANDNOT/OR are now supported in Clause Search.
    ANY/NONE are now supported in Clause Search and will be available in the autocomplete option after a separator.

Search Panel Image
    Added check box ‘Image Type’ to select all image search drop down menu options. (See this thread.)

    Reorganized and restyled the Program Settings panel.
    Implemented a new program setting ‘Show Notification Bar’.

Bug Fixes

    Playing a video and stopping it at x seconds can now be synchronized and resumable from that position on another device.

Book Bugs
    Milestone placement is now correct for John 1:30 in The Message Bible.

Bible Facts
    The audio for videos no longer continue to play after the panel is closed.

Bible Sense Lexicon
    The topic title in both the description section and in the tool tip popup now respect the font slider setting.
    Search term now scales with definition when font slider is adjusted.

    Verses are no longer put into the Bible bibliography citations.
    Article titles in Chicago Manual of Style and APA citations are no longer italicized.
    APA citations now generate correctly.
    Turabian citations now generate with correct formatting. (See this thread.)
    Updated MLA to seventh edition.

Community Notes
    The context menu item for ‘Community Notes’ is now localized for Spanish, Swedish and Portuguese UIs.

Comparison Tool
    Text Comparison no longer gives results when searched reference is not found in resource.

Copy Bible Verses
    Pressing ‘p’ in the notes editor while the Copy Bible tool is open no longer performs a bible copy. (See this thread.)

    When the font size is set to large,the verse pop up is no longer truncated when it appears after hovering over a reference link. (See this thread.)

    The current application name is now displayed in the Help menu when it is opened. (See this thread.)
    Online video link in the Spanish UI now goes to the Logos Spanish videos page.

Home Page
    All the Verbum home page customizations are no longer missing.
    Fixed crash when opening application after changing password.
    Lectionary widget now correctly displays readings that are more than 14 days in the future. (See this thread.)

LLS Resources
    Note indicators are no longer copied as URL to Word. (See this thread.)

    Updated the copyright date in the About panel.
    Large line spacing fixed in RI Bibles without reverse interlinears. (See this thread.)

Media Resources
    Fixed crash in the Greek Audio NT. (See this thread.)

My Library
    When opening and closing Library several times, the floating library window no longer changes to default columns. (See this thread.)

New Tab Panel
    Clickable area when adding a new tab is now larger.

    Same font and background color change can now be applied more than once. (See this thread.)

Panel Menu
    ‘None’ option in ‘Columns’ and ‘Link Set’ is now highlighted in blue when selected. (See this thread.)

Passage Guide
    Fixed bug that displayed every single entry of ‘1001 Illustrations that Connect’. (See this thread.)
    The ‘SermonCentral.com’ section now displays results.

Passage Lists
    Hebrew text is now oriented from right-to-left in practice and quiz view. (See this thread.)
    Accents are now ignored in memorization tool in Spanish.
    No longer have to close and reopen the panel to see the passage list synced changes.

Personal Books
    PBB Lectionaries are now correctly displayed on the homepage. (See this thread.)
    Fixed crash when creating a Personal Book in the Dutch UI. (See this thread.)
    Incorrect Dutch format string no longer appears in the Personal Books panel.

    When rendering the preview text in the Print/Export window, footnotes are no longer rendered for the entire article.
    System Locale can now be changed from Russian to English. (See this thread.)
    ‘Bible Text Only’ option in the resource panel no longer causes incorrect indentations to appear when printing or exporting.

Read Aloud
    Fixed crash in audio player when using Read-Aloud with French UI.

Reading Plan
    Fixed crash when creating a reading plan with ‘every week day’ selected. (See this thread.)

Resource Panel
    Text is no longer missing when paging in a resource set to column view.
    Large line spacing is fixed in Bibles (NKJV, LEB and ESV) that do no have the reverse interlinear. (See this thread.)

Reverse Interlinear
    Selecting a column in the ribbon now correctly navigates resources set to column view.

Resource Panel
    Space is no longer missing before capital vowels in the default Greek font. (See this thread.)

Rich Text
    Setting font size on a selection now works correctly. (See this thread.)
    Bullet points can now be deleted in list items that are indented.
    Decreasing indentation no longer removes all levels of indentation at once. (See this thread.)
    The default font color is now correctly respected. (See this thread.) (See this thread.)

Search Engine
    Search results in Spanish now shows ‘X seg’ instead of ‘X sec’.

Search Panel Clause
    The clause search in SBLGNT for ‘person:Paul person:Barnabas’ shows the correct Acts 13:33 verse.
    Exporting the Analysis view of a Clause search now exports the data for Bible Facts entries.
    Added several new examples to the Clause search suggestions.
    Clause search suggestions now works after switching resources.

Search Panel Morph
    The morphology drop down menu now displays results that are actually present in the resource. (See this thread.)
    ANDEQUALS search no longer doubles result counts. (See this thread.)
    The Hebrew morph fields now show for LHB and the Greek for SBLGNT.
    Ending type ‘paragogic hē’ has been added in the panel for Hebrew verbs.

Sentence Diagram
    Manipulating an ‘S’ curve no longer causes the application to crash. (See this thread.)
    Fixed crash when pasting a clause visualizer graph into a sentence diagram in Non-English UIs.

    The user’s named layouts are now available in drop down menu for ‘At Startup open to’.
    The help icon is no longer displayed on the very far right of the panel.

Syntax Search
    Link to the syntax search document is now available in the Syntax Search panel.

Bug Fixes for Mac

Bible Facts
    Video controls are now functional.

Bible Word Study
    Space is no longer missing between words in Example Uses section.
    The language names (English, Greek, Hebrew) no longer appear in English in Spanish UI in the Example Uses section.
    The ‘Loading...’ message for the circle graphs is no longer in English in the Spanish UI.
    ‘Relaciones Grammaticales’ (Grammatical Relationships) in the settings menu is no longer truncated in the Spanish UI.
    Reference box drop-down no longer lingers after the report has been loaded. (See this thread.)
    The grammatical terms (subject, object) are no longer in English in the ‘Example Uses’ section in the Spanish UI.
    The word ‘Lemma’ and the preposition type in the ‘Preposition Use’ section are no longer in English in the Spanish UI.

Copy Bible Verses
    The link to create a new style is no longer truncated when in the Spanish UI.
    ‘Back’ button in Copy Bible Verses is no longer truncated.

Graph Bible Results
    Search terms in Bar, Column, and Pie Charts are now aligned correctly.

    A scrollbar is now available in the ‘Compare Versions’ section.
    Scroll bar for Guides is now correctly placed in Guides menu in Spanish UI.
    It is now possible to click ‘Return’ to input a second line of text in the ‘Description’ field.

    Handout documents no longer synchronize from Windows to Mac.

    Bold and italics buttons now render with Bold and Italics fonts when creating a new highlighting style.
    Font sizing label is no longer truncated.
    Bold and italics buttons are no longer disabled when creating new highlighting style in Spanish UI.

  ‘Remover(Clear)’ button in History panel is no longer truncated in the Spanish UI.

Home Page
    ‘Enter a passage or topic’ is no longer truncated in Spanish UI.

    Information panel settings are now aligned properly in the Spanish UI.
    Information panel buttons are now localized in Spanish UI.

    ‘Last Layout – Local’ setting is now respected properly. (See this thread.)
    Links in the Layouts menu are no longer truncated in the Spanish UI.
    Hot key indicators no longer wrap incorrectly.

    Hint text in no longer displayed in English when in the Spanish UI.
    When looking at Analysis view with no columns selected in Spanish the ‘Option + click a column...’ text is no longer clipped and is now localized in Spanish.

    Resource cover no longer blurry in information panel. (See this thread.)
    When setting Prioritization Limits there are drop down menus now available for type and resource fields.
    Library load time and UI are no longer slow. (See this thread.)
    Incorrect data types in a resource’s advanced prioritization limits are no longer accepted.
    Library panel is no longer truncated when resizing smaller.
    Info icon in the Library Panel is no longer missing when in ‘Prioritize’ view within a narrow panel. (See this thread.)
    Long titles are no longer intermittently truncated in the info panel. (See this thread.)
    The short title field in the info panel is now fixed to expand when typing and the box resizes to fit the text after enter key is pressed.
    Star ratings in column view of Library panel are no longer clickable. (See this thread.)

LLS Resources
    ‘Inline’ reverse interlinear display is now functional. (See this thread.)

Media Resources
    Media overview description is now aligned correctly and no longer clipped at smaller panel widths.

New Tab Panel
    New tab panel accurately opens a correct list of options when existing panel is out of focus.

    Note references are now aligned with the title of the note in full view. (See this thread.)
    Fixed crash when attempting to highlight a word. (See this thread.)
    Typing in Korean (Set-2 Korean) no longer causes a crash. .
    Numbered lists with no content no longer display the ‘Content’ hint text when focus is moved elsewhere.
    Default note indicator options are no longer truncated in the Spanish UI.
    Font settings in Notes no longer change to default when clicking to a blank line. (See this thread.)
    Fixed a crash caused by attempting to drag an external hyperlink in a note item (such as a link in one resource to resource location in another resource).

Notification Center
   The notification is now correctly displayed when updated resources are ready to be added to the library.

Passage Analysis
    ‘Conjunto de pericopas(Pericope Sets)’ are no longer truncated in the Spanish UI.

Passage Lists
    Focus is no longer lost from practice text box.
    Hebrew text in memorize view is longer displayed in two different font sizes.
    The context verses are now displayed in a light font weight to emphasize the verse being memorized.
    Memorization practice cursor starting position no longer appears above the line when starting a new practice.
    The previously entered passage reference no longer appears in the next entry’s reference box.
    Reference box in Passage Lists is now correctly sized.
    Quiz no longer stops when an incorrect word is entered in the second verse.
    When memorizing a reference user can now review what they typed and see animated corrections before advancing to the next step.

Prayer List
    Month selection settings of Prayer List documents are no longer truncated in the Spanish UI.

    Resource citations are no longer larger than the body text in the Print/Export view. (See this thread.)

Read Aloud
    Fixed crash when attempting to read aloud the LEB or other resource with a pre-recorded narrator while offline.

Resource Panel
    ‘Ninguna’ (‘none’) is no longer truncated in the panel menu in the Spanish UI.
    The font size slider in the panel menu of a resource now affects the size of the font on the info page. (See this thread.)
    There is no longer incorrect line breaking in the Resource panel. (See this thread.)
    Fixed crash when navigating in Jensen’s Survey of the Old Testament to Chapter 1, Sec III, subsection B, via either TOC or scrolling past page 29.

Rich Text Editor
     Numerical list item indicators now use the Program Settings font in Split View.

Search Panel Bible
    Fixed crash when clicking the ‘Search’ hyperlink in the Bible Search Panel. (See this thread.)
    ‘John 3’ can now be entered into the search box without refreshing the suggestion list.

Search Panel Image
    Image search results are now being rendered correctly.

Self Tests
    Fixed crash when clicking in title bar of self tests.

    The ‘Hidden Resources’ restart message is now displayed correctly.
    Text in the Hidden Resources section no longer wraps incorrectly.
    The help popup no longer persists when another panel is brought into focus using keyboard shortcuts.
    The help text for ‘Justify Resource Text’ is no longer displayed incorrectly in bold font in the Spanish UI.
    The ‘Drop resources to hide here’ box is no longer resized smaller.
    Layout selected in ‘At Startup Open to’ is now honored. (See this thread.)
    The help icon for the Hidden Resources section is no longer displayed on the far right.

    ‘Add search terms here’ hint text is no longer missing in Syntax Search documents.

    The filter options are no longer truncated in the Spanish UI.
    The link set options in the Panel Menu are no longer truncated in the Spanish UI.
    Timeline resource buttons are now localized in Spanish UI.

Visual Filters
    The ‘Find’ box now increases in size with the panel menu’s font size slider.
     The hint text in ‘Search Field’ of Visual Filter is now visible.

Bug Fixes for Windows

Bible Sense Lexicon
    The graph results no longer populate number of hits incorrectly. (See this thread.)
    Fixed crash when copying the definition from Bible Sense Lexicon to a Notes document.

Bible Word Study
    In cases where the matched text differs from the phrase it is now displayed to the right of the phrase in parentheses and in a lighter color. (See this thread.)

    The rich text toolbar for editing Handout items is no longer disabled. (See this thread.)

    ‘Logos Edition’ is now formatted incorrectly in the info pane when resizing the library panel smaller.

Media Resources
    Updated mobile ed video resources now play on Windows.

    Fixed crash while Ctrl+Tabbing between bibliography and clippings document panels.

    When font slider is set to largest, switching from compact to full view no longer makes the note title font size become larger.
    ‘Devices’ filter is now available immediately after a resource update.

Passage Lists
    The action buttons in Passage List documents are no longer greyed out in Memorize view.
     In the Merge menu in both Spanish and Swedish UIs, the #3 comment is no longer misaligned.

Read Aloud
    Fixed crash when listening to the Lexham English Bible Audio.

Search Panel Basic
    Fixed crash whenever the panel url being copied is greater than 32,766 characters. (See this thread.)

Search Panel Image
    When running an image search there is now a scroll bar present. (See this thread and this thread.)

    Crash when opening application in German UI. (See this thread.)

Syntax Search
    Entering numbers in the Parent or Child counts no longer causes a crash.

Word Lists
     In the Merge menu in both Spanish and Swedish UIs, the #3 comment is no longer misaligned.

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