Logos 5.1 SR-1

Logos 5.1 SR-1 ( was released on July 10, 2013.

Bug Fixes

  • Context Menu
    • Fixed crash when right-clicking in Notes.
  • Home Page
    • Fixed crash when clicking Previous/Next buttons in the library slideshow tool on the home page when no resources are available.
    • Fixed crash clicking “Start today” in the reading plan tool on the home page when no preferred Bible is set.
  • Notes
    • Fixed crash which could occur when attempting to use ‘Apply Default Formatting’ button with no notes in focus.
  • Search
    • Fixed crash caused by custom reference ranges synced from mobile devices. (See this thread.)
    • Fixed crash in indexing notes for users who had made a note/highlight on LLS:MORPHGLOSSES. (See this thread.)
    • Fixed bug which caused the book of Luke to appear in the ‘Johannine Epistles’ reference range. (See this thread.)
    • Fixed inconsistent capitalization of Tense/Aspect tags in Morph Search.
  • Sync
    • Fixed bug that caused sync arrows to disappear when sync failed five times in a row. (See this thread.)
    • Fixed crash in sync. (See this thread.)
    • Fixed XmlException crash at startup when migrating preferences to sync v2.

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Home Page
    • Fixed bug preventing “and N more...” link from working. (See this thread.)
  • Shortcuts Bar
    • Fixed bug which prevented tooltips from appearing for layout shortcuts.
  • Search Panel Bible
    • Fixed bug which caused Bible book names to repeat in ‘Aligned’ results.

Bug Fixes for Windows

  • Fixed crashes in Bible Word Study and Topic Guide on Windows 8.1 Preview. (See this thread.)
  • Bible Facts
    • Fixed crash which could occur when the Windows Country Code when set to Namibia.
  • Reverse Interlinear
    • Fixed NullReferenceException crash in reverse interlinear ribbon.
  • Search Panel Image
    • Fixed crash which could occur when sending a Faithlife image to Powerpoint.
  • Startup
    • Fixed CookieException crash.

New Features

New Features for Windows

  • Added accurate detection for Windows 8.1 Preview as the current OS.

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