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Page Contents

  • Above screen capture from 27” iMac – 20 panels with variety of items for illustration – Link to Full Size
  • Parallel button includes collection, which was created after adding Interlinear and lbs (Logos Greek Morphology abbreviation) tags to Bible resources, refer to Collections
  • Double clicking Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament, 27th Edition (NA27) word opens highest prioritized Greek-English Lexicon, see Prioritize Library
  • Logos 4.3 added free Personal Book tool, forum thread has docx file of Wiki Personal Book page
  • Logos 4.3 fixed Notes bullet capabilities plus added many keyboard shortcuts in Notes and Clippings
  • Logos Greek Morphology visual filters are enabled in NA27, Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament, and ESV.
  • English Standard Version (ESV) has Find open (CMD+f)
  • Text comparison is showing differences and base text
  • Pronunciation is showing greek transliteration entry to filter list of lemma’s

Logos 4 => Common Experience on Mac & PC

Logos 4 on Mac and PC share code base – most items function identically on both platforms (including time needed to download resources and index library). Primary User Interface difference is many items inside PC window are located in Mac Menu Bar on top of screen: File, Guides, Tools, Layouts, & Help. PC control key often becomes command key on Mac. Wiki has Getting Started with Logos along with Table of Contents and Visual Table of Contents. Logos 4 is resource intensive on Mac & PC – benefits from fast processor, graphics, and quick storage along with adequate memory (i.e. newer hardware since Logos 4 being designed for use over 5 to 8 years); Solid State Disk (SSD) is noticeably faster than hard disk.

What to Expect

  • Three Logos 4 Mac menus do not follow historic Mac conventions: File, Guides, and Layouts - recommend quick click to display menu (may take seconds to display), then can right OR left click on menu items.

Interested in Using Logos 4 Mac ?

  • Logos 4 Mac is noticeably more responsive on newer hardware (e.g. 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors) with 4 GB or more RAM and fast disk storage (e.g. Solid State Disk).

Need Logos 4 PC feature?

Run a Windows Virtual Machine - Some Mac users are using commercial virtualization software Parallels and VMware Fusion to run the Windows version of Logos 4. You can find suggested settings for running Logos on Parallels and Fusion to experiment with to tweak the performance on Logos 4 Windows. If you haven’t purchased one product or the other, Logos Mac Developers reported that Logos tends to run a bit faster on Parallels 5. (though this is subject to change as both products continue to release updates: Parallels 7, Fusion 4, and VirtualBox 4 are compared in a 19 Sep 2011 overview article).

Oracle offers a free Virtual Machine program called VirtualBox. While not quite as friendly as Parallels or Fusion, does job well at an unbeatable price: free. Great option if you only need a Virtual Machine for Logos 4. VirtualBox setting ideas.

Observation: Virtual Machines benefit from more RAM in computer (4 GB or more so a Virtual Machine can have 2 GB or more) and adequate disk space, including your Logos 4 folder with resources, database files, and indexes. If using noticeably faster Mac OS X 64 bit kernel, recommend 64 bit Windows in virtual machines (avoids translation slowdown between 64 bit and 32 bit memory addresses).

Apple’s Boot Camp is free dual boot option with drivers for Windows that is faster than virtualization: Apple Boot Camp Support includes FAQ’s and installation guide. Boot Camp drivers include read and write to Mac file system.

License note - Logos 4 is free for use in virtual machine or Boot Camp (one more device for a library user), but Windows is not. Also, Windows end user license agreement (EULA) for several versions forbid virtual machine use.

Logos 4 resource note: Resource files are identical for Mac and PC. However, different file path conventions on Mac and PC make sharing resources technically challenging. Logos 4 folders (with database and index files) are not usable across platforms due to file path differences (i.e. copying Logos 4 folders between Mac and PC does not update file paths inside Logos 4 database files). Optionally can setup virtual machine(s) to avoid multiple resource file downloads by using shared folder(s) so Logos 4 PC can scan (read) Logos 4 Mac resources and/or Logos 4 Mac can scan (read) Logos 4 PC resources. The scan command specifies a path to check for resources: part of discovery process is copying resource file so Mac and PC have their own set of resource files (and index files). For automatic resource scanning so downloads into one Logos 4 installation can be copied to another, recommend using same update channel in Logos 4 installations; also can turn off automatic downloads in one Logos 4 installation (manually update program and use scan command to update resources from other installation).

Mini FAQ

What is the Logos 4 Mac development strategy?

 Bob Pritchett (Logos CEO) summarizes Logos 4 Mac release strategy, including money-back guarantee and need for newer hardware

License Agreement – On how many computers can one Logos 4 Library be installed and used?

 Bob Pritchett’s forum response provides License Agreement – one user insights

How can I install Logos 4 on a second Mac without having to download everything again?

 See Quick Installation onto Multiple Macs, which also has section for copying Logos 4 Resources to Mac OS X

I have a question or problem that is not addressed here, so what do I do?

 Refer to Mac Troubleshooting wiki page. You can also go to Logos 4 Mac forum and post your question there. Usually you get a response within an hour or two!

New to Mac OS X?

 Apple has Mac OS X plus Mac Basics and Keyboard shortcuts. For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8), and Mavericks (10.9), Apple Support includes OS X Recovery (with how to install on a new drive). Apple Retail Stores have free Workshops to learn how to use Apple products.

Time Machine Backups?

 Forum http://community.logos.com/forums/p/17881/134532.aspx#134532 has Logos 4 index exclusion example and configuration tips.

What about Old Version of Logos for Mac v.1?

 Final production version of Logos for Mac 1.2.2 (released on 17 Sep 2009) essentially became an e-Book reader after Safari 5 update on 20 July 2011 (released with OS X Lion); older Mac OS X options: try restoring previous Safari version => http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20110722154439693 OR downgrade Safari to older 4.0.5 => http://itsalltech.com/2010/07/11/how-to-downgrade-safari-5-to-safari-4-on-mac-os-x/ (not applicable for OS X Lion). The old Libronix for Mac software can peacefully coexist with Logos 4 Mac, but cannot read new Logos 4 file format, only older Libronix format.

How to remove Old Version of Logos for Mac v.1?

 Logos article has uninstallation steps => http://www.macbiblesoftware.com/support/articles/1002/ with part 2 link => Libroinx Uninstaller zip Observation: of all the Part 2 files to uninstall, only font files could possibly used with Logos 4 (and other applications).

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