Logos 4.6c Beta 2

Logos 4.6c Beta 2 (Mac and Windows was released on March 13, 2013.
Note: You cannot upgrade from 4.6c Beta 2 to 5.1 Beta 2, due to a code incompatibility. This issue will be resolved in 4.6c Beta 3.

New Features

  • Importing
    • Implemented support for importing Sermon Files from Libronix DLS. To import sermon files enter ‘Import Sermon Files’ into command line.
      • Running the command to import Sermon Files will:
        • Create a new folder called ‘Imported LDLS3 Sermons.’ This folder will be located in the Documents folder on Windows and the Home folder on Mac.
        • Generate a .docx file for each imported sermon, and place these files in the new ‘Imported LDLS3 Sermons’ folder.
        • Create two stubs in Personal Books panel, one for Sermons and one for Illustrations. These will be titled ‘Sermons of [user name]’ and ‘Illustrations of [user name].’
        • Populate stubs with .docx files generated.
      • To build Sermons or Illustrations personal book after running import command, select generated stub in Personal Books panel and press ‘Build book’ button.
  • Read Aloud
    • Implemented changes to Read Aloud function in preparation for Audio Resource availability.
      • Implemented voice picker in panel menu. ‘System Narrator’ will be the only voice available for resources without dedicated audio. (See Known Issues for Windows.)

Bug Fixes

  • Exegetical Guide
    • Fixed bug which caused morph terms to appear duplicated.
  • Read Aloud
    • Fixed bug which did not display the panel menu option correctly when playing the Greek Audio New Testament audio. (See this thread.)

Known Issues for Windows

  • Read Aloud
    • Panel manu option for Read Aloud is formatted incorrectly.
    • Certain resource locations will display ‘Audio Player’ instead of the reference in the audio controls.

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