Logos 4.6 RC 1

Bug Fixes

  • Resource Panel
    • Fixed bug which caused verse numbers to overlap Bible text in certain Bibles when viewing ‘Bible text only’. (See this thread.)
  • Word Lists
    • Fixed bug in sorting by the Lemma column. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Bible Word Study
    • Fixed crash clicking on Textual Searches link. (See this thread.)
  • Biblical Things
    • Fixed bug which prevent video media from being properly dismissed when switching to a different thing.
  • Reading Plans
    • Fixed bug which displayed two loading indicators when group plans were initially generated.
  • Resource Panel
    • Fixed bug which caused note indicators to overlap text in RTL resources.
  • Word Lists
    • Fixed bug in label text display for grouped levels.

Bug Fixes for Windows

  • Reading Plans
    • Fixed crash caused by viewing ‘Overview’ for plans which began on a future date.
    • Changed visibility of outline column to provide a consistent left margin.

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