Logos 4.6 Beta 3

Logos 4.6 Beta 3 (Mac and Windows was released on August 13, 2012.

New Feature

  • Layouts
    • Upon closing the application, the last opened layout will now be synced. This layout will appear in the right column of the Layouts menu as ‘Application Closed’. The app will keep up to ten ‘Application Closed’ snapshots in the right column.
  • Synchronization
    • Implemented sync v2 for Clippings.

Bug Fixes

  • Biblical Places
    • Fixed bug which caused crash when a video was selected.
  • Highlighting
    • Fixed bug which prevented deleted highlighting styles from syncing correctly.
  • Home Page
    • Fixed crash when finishing a reading plan in the Overview panel.
  • Notes
    • Improved hyperlink behavior in Split view. (See this thread.)
    • Fixed bug which prevented creating hyperlinks in Split view.
  • Passage Lists
    • Fixed bug which causes crash on undo.
  • Prayer Lists
    • Fixed bug which causes prayer list to revert to incorrect prayer frequency.
  • Reading Plans
    • Fixed crash when changing reading frequency of a template reading plan. (See this thread.)
  • Word Lists
    • Fixed crash when grouping by Audio column.
    • Fixed bug which prevented sorting after moving window.
    • Fixed bug which caused Print/Export to include Memorized column and exclude Section column.
    • Included message to indicate when no entries are added.

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Command Box
    • Fixed occasional crash on ‘close all’ command.
  • Copy Bible Verses
    • Fixed bug which caused the resource information popup to linger too long.
  • Favorites
    • Fixed bug that prevented external documents from being dragged into an existing Favorites folder. (See this thread.)
  • Home Page
    • Fixed bug which causes ‘more’ link for the Choose preferred Bible section to be invisible.
    • Fixed bug which caused reading plan to not update daily if program was left open.
    • Fixed bug which caused resource information popup to linger too long when selecting preferred Bible.
  • Library
    • Fixed bug which allowed drop downs for first and second field in Prioritization Limits settings to be expanded at the same time.
  • Notes
    • Fixed crash when closing a Note document using 10.6. (See this thread.)
  • Prayer Lists
    • Fixed bug which causes tag text box to be truncated.
  • Pronunciation
    • Added text scaling.
  • Reading Plans
    • Improved List display of template reading plans.
    • Fixed bug which caused group controls to disappear when plan was edited.
    • Fixed bug which caused the resource information popup to linger too long when selecting resource.
  • Resource Panel
    • Fixed bug which prevented italicized text in the Info pane.
    • Fixed crash when navigating to a specific resource. (See this thread.)
  • Search
    • Fixed bug which caused the text ‘TextPanel’ to display briefly. (See this thread.)
  • Word Lists
    • Fixed crash caused by resizing columns.
    • Fixed bug which caused context menu to flash when lemma was right clicked.

Bug Fixes for Windows

  • Library
    • Fixed bug which caused focus on Find box to be lost during text entry after making custom metadata changes (such as tags, ratings, etc.)
  • Word Lists
    • Fixed crash when merging lists with empty lemma fields.
    • Fixed bug which caused Cards view to auto scroll to bottom of list when switching between Front and Back views.
    • Fixed bug which caused text on cards to not be centered vertically.

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