Logos 4.5c SR-2

4.5c SR-2 includes all the features of Logos 4.5c and Logos 4.5c SR-1 with the following additions:

Bug Fixes

  • Highlighting
    • Fixed bug which caused Logos to crash when importing or migrating highlighting from 4.3 or earlier. (see this thread).
  • Synchronization
    • Fixed issue which prevented prayer lists from syncing to a fresh installation.
  • File menu
    • Fixed crash with certain Open list activities (see this thread).

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Collections
    • Fixed bug which prevented the opening of resources from a collection in Tile view. (see this thread).
  • Library
    • Fixed bug which caused crash after opening a resource from floating Library panel in Tile view.
    • Fixed bug which caused crash upon rearranging Prioritization List on OS X 10.5 and 10.6.
  • Sentence Diagram
    • Fixed bug which caused “LTR” button to turn black on hover.

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