Logos 4.5c Beta 3

Logos 4.5c Beta 3 (Mac and Windows v4.53.0.2109) was released on May 30, 2012.

Beta 3

New Features

  • Synchronization
    • Implemented sync v2 for Library Catalog.

Bug Fixes

  • Media Resources
    • Fixed bug that caused error message for video resources to display in an unreadable format.
    • Fixed bug that caused Logos to crash when clicking “Play” on a video that hadn’t completely loaded.
  • Personal Books
    • Fixed bug that caused Logos to crash when trying to build a book from an invalid Word document (see this thread).
  • Morph Search
    • Fixed bug which found incorrect hits for a morph search due to indexing issue (user will need to run “rebuild index” to reindex the entire library in order to get the fix). (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes on Windows

  • Media Resources
    • Fixed bug that prevented user from jumping ahead in the video on XP and Vista.
    • Fixed bug that caused crash when navigating videos from TOC.

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Exegetical Guide
    • Fixed bug which caused Word by Word verse to not expand when a word in the collapsed verse was clicked.
  • Scrolling
    • Fixed bug which caused jumpy vertical scrolling in Media Resources.
  • Pronunciation
    • Fixed bug which caused reopening a layout with the Pronunciation Panel to make Pronunciation Panel inoperable.
    • Fixed bug which caused toolbar to flicker when typing in search box in Pronunciation Panel.
  • Search
    • Fixed bug which caused search to stop functioning and refreshing once “Analysis” view had been clicked on.
  • Command Bar
    • Fixed bug which caused Logos to crash when entering command into command bar (rare occurrence).

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