Logos 4.5b Beta 7

Logos 4.5b Beta 7 (Mac and Windows v4.52.0.2161) was released on April 18, 2012.

Bug Fixes

  • Community Notes
    • Improved speed in which note icons appear in text for newly added notes.
  • Favorites
    • Fixed rendered titles for Community Notes to display a reference, where available.
  • Resource Panel
    • Added support for ‘Share’ functions in non-Bible resources from context menu.
    • Added support for ‘Share’ functions in Bible resources from ‘Reference’ tab of the context menu.
    • Fixed bug which caused a runtime error when using ‘Faithlife’ share icon where Faithlife was not already signed in.
    • Fixed crash caused by right-clicking in certain resources.
    • Fixed bug which caused the active reference to the shared rather than the location from which the context menu was opened.

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Resource Panel
    • Fixed order of ‘Share’ icons and corrected tooltips. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Windows

  • Notes
    • Fixed bug which prevented selected text following an automatically detected scripture hyperlink from being deleted using the Backspace key.
    • Fixed bug which caused font change after an automatically detected scripture hyperlink.

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