Logos 4.5b Beta 6

Logos 4.5b Beta 6 (Mac and Windows v4.52.0.2109) was released on April 11, 2012.

New Features

  • Community Notes
    • Added Community Notes support for Faithlife.com. (Faithlife.com is currently in beta and can be discussed here. Community Notes inside Logos 4 can be discussed on the Logos 4 Beta forums.)
  • Social Sharing
    • Implemented share feature in info pane of resource panel for all resources and ‘Selection’ tab of context menu for Bibles for Faithlife, Facebook, Twitter, and email. (See Known Issues.)
  • Improved support for playback of video resources
    • The Logos install and update process on Windows platforms will now check for DirectX video components and install them as necessary.

Bug Fixes

  • Resource Panel
    • Fixed bug that truncated several sections of a specific resource. (See this thread.)
    • Fixed crash caused by opening the panel menu in a clause visualizer resource. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Home Page
    • Fixed bug that prevented the content of certain items from displaying.
  • Reading Lists
    • Fixed bug in scrolling through a long list of entries for one resource. (See this thread.)
  • Resource Panel
    • Fixed bug which prevented drop down menus from being dismissed if open when the panel itself was closed. (See this thread.)
    • Fixed bug that prevented paging/scrolling using the Up/Down arrow keys. (See this thread.)
    • Fixed bug where the context menu was not properly dismissed and overlapped the ‘Save as’ dialog. (See this thread.)
    • Fixed bug in resource scrolling. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Windows

  • Guides
    • Fixed bug that prevented the deletion of custom guide templates.

Known Issues

  • Community Notes
    • Clicking a Bible reference link in Community Notes doesn’t navigate to that reference.
    • The note icons in a resource panel are not updated immediately after adding a note.
    • New notes added by other users are not shown in the Community Notes panel automatically.
    • Community Notes doesn’t use custom proxy settings.
    • Community Notes scrollbars don’t look like the scrollbars in the rest of the application.
    • Community Notes visual filters do not appear for some users; as a result, there are no Community Note icons in the resource panel.
  • Context Menu
    • The application will crash when right-clicking in a resource without reference milestones.
  • Resource Panel
    • ‘Immediate Compare’ does not respect ‘Show difference’/’Show base text’ settings in the Text Comparison panel.
  • Social Sharing
    • Clicking the Faithlife icon in the info pane for Bibles will display a web page with a runtime error if Faithlife.com is not already logged into a user account. Workarounds include logging into Faithlife.com prior to using the Faithlife share icon on a Bible info pane or using the share icon in the context menu instead.
  • Video Resources

Known Issues for Mac

  • Community Notes
    • Community notes can only currently be added to ‘My Faithlife’ and not a specific group.

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