Logos 4.5b Beta 5

Logos 4.5b Beta 5 (Mac and Windows v4.52.0.1957) was released on March 20, 2012.

Bug Fixes

  • Resource Panel
    • Fixed crash related to new changes for accessibility when scrolling through some resources containing table formatting. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Copy Bible Verses
    • Fixed bug that prevented deletion of custom style via content menu in the style drop down.
  • User Interface
    • Improved behavior of ‘Undo’ Edit menu item and keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Z) in Notes, Passage List, Prayer List, Sentence Diagram, and Syntax document panels.
  • Resource Panel
    • Fixed crash caused by closing panel from ‘About’ view of resource. (See this thread.)
    • Changed navigation through Parallel Resource Sets from Cmd+left/right arrow to just left/right arrow keys.

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