Logos 4.5b

New Features

  • Community Notes
    • Added Community Notes support for Faithlife.com. (Faithlife.com is currently in beta and can be discussed here.)
  • Logos Resources
    • Added support for new display features (that will be used by yet-to-be-released resources).
  • Notes
    • Reduced memory usage of large Notes documents.
  • Social Sharing
    • Implemented share feature in info pane of resource panel for all resources and ‘Selection’ tab of context menu for Bibles for Faithlife, Facebook, Twitter, and email. (See Known Issues.)
  • Video Resources
    • Added initial support for video resources.
  • Upgraded SQLite database engine to v3.7.10.
    • This adds some bug fixes, should give better performance, and may improve SQLite reliability.
    • SQLite errors are logged to the application error log.

New Features for Mac

  • Search Panel Bible
    • Implemented ‘Search (while typing)’ option.

Bug Fixes

  • Guides
    • Fixed bug that prevented completion from reappearing if focus was moved and then returned to the reference box.
  • Highlighting
    • Imposed character limit on Highlighting Palette and Style names of 256 characters.
  • Notes
    • Fixed bug which prevented changes to the default font family/size from being applied correctly to visible blank note content.
  • Personal Book Builder
    • Fix crash reading files created by Wondershare PDF Creator.
  • Resource Panel
    • Fixed bug that caused for the first lines of each column in paged view to be misaligned vertically.
  • Startup
    • Fixed crash caused by incorrect proxy settings being entered.

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Copy Bible Verses
    • Fixed bug that prevented deletion of custom style via content menu in the style drop down.
  • File
    • Fixed bug that caused document types to be bolded when using the search filter. (See this thread.)
  • Fonts
    • Fixed crash caused by changing default Greek font with a specific resource open. (See this thread.)
  • Home Page
    • Fixed bug that prevented ‘Find’ box from being dismissed when the home page was opened.
    • Fixed bug that caused ‘Recent Reading Lists’ ribbon item to be blank.
  • New Guide Template
    • Fixed text alignment issue for resource pickers.
  • Notes
    • Fixed bug which caused extra hyperlink options to be available in the context menu which were not functional. (See this thread.)
  • Reading Lists
    • Fixed bug which displayed locator bar buttons for ‘locked’ resources opened via a Reading List.
    • Fixed bug in scrolling through a long list of entries for one resource. (See this thread.)
  • Resource Panel
    • Changed navigation through Parallel Resource Sets from Cmd+left/right arrow to just left/right arrow keys.
  • Fixed bug which prevented drop down menus from being dismissed if open when the panel itself was closed. (See this thread.)
    • Fixed bug where the context menu was not properly dismissed and overlapped the ‘Save as’ dialog. (See this thread.)
  • Rich Text Editor
    • Fixed bug that caused middle line in bulleted and numbered list buttons to be missing.
  • Syntax
    • Fixed bug that caused ‘Specifics’ pane to display incorrectly.
    • Implemented context menu for initial ‘+’.
    • ‘Show details’ will be enabled by default for new Syntax Search documents.
    • Implemented drag and drop support.
    • Fixed bug that prevented items with ‘Matching skips levels’ checked from displaying a dashed connecting line. (See this thread.)
    • Fixed bug which caused popup menu to display incorrectly on external monitors. (See this thread.)
  • Text Comparison
    • Fixed bug that caused strikethrough in ‘Show base text’ button to be missing.
  • User Interface
    • Improved behavior of ‘Undo’ Edit menu item and keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Z) in Notes, Passage List, Prayer List, Sentence Diagram, and Syntax document panels.

Bug Fixes for Windows

  • Accessibility
    • Added keyboard accessibility for ‘x’ in the Find box.
    • Improved keyboard support in the reverse interlinear ribbon.
      • The first tab stop will no longer be off-screen; the focus will land on the center column. The ribbon will pan left or right as the selection changes, using the arrow keys to navigate.
      • Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+R will toggle reverse interlinear ribbon. When ribbon becomes visible, the focus will automatically be set to the center column.
      • When focus is in the ribbon, pressing the Enter key will open the context (right-click) menu.
      • Added automation names for the context menu tabs.
      • The row selector column of the ribbon is accessible keyboard, and the context menu key or Shift+F10 to open the context menu to change which rows are displayed.
  • Guides
    • Fixed bug that prevented the deletion of custom guide templates.
  • Notes
    • Fixed bug which prevented selected text following an automatically detected scripture hyperlink from being deleted using the Backspace key.
    • Fixed bug which caused font change after an automatically detected scripture hyperlink.

Known Issues

  • Community Notes
    • Community Notes doesn’t use custom proxy settings.
  • Resource Panel
    • ‘Immediate Compare’ does not respect ‘Show difference’/’Show base text’ settings in the Text Comparison panel.
  • Video Resources
    • Logos 4.5b does not read the LDLS3 *.lbxvid video resource format. These videos used Windows Media Player, so are not compatible with non-Windows operating systems.

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