Logos 4.5 RC 1

New Features

  • Notes
    • Implemented new command to change the text size of old notes which used the default size set in Program Settings and have not been edited for size since the option was removed: Set Old Default Notes Text Size to x where x is the desired font size or ‘default’ to set notes to current default size.

Bug Fixes

  • Localization
    • Localized ‘Show footnotes on page’ for Spanish interface.
  • Notes
    • Fixed bug that caused default text size to be 9 point instead of 11 point.
    • Made performance improvements to the notes style drop-down menu. (See this thread.)
    • Fixed inconsistency in note indicator menu regarding selected highlighting markup. ‘Highlight with note color’, ‘No highlight’, and applied markup style will all use selected item background rather than checkmarks.

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Clippings
    • Fixed bug that prevented the ‘Find’ function from working correctly.
  • Highlighting Tool
    • Fixed crash caused by applying a keyboard shortcut to a newly created style.
  • Notes Document
    • Fixed bug that prevented ability to apply a custom highlight to an existing note added to a selection. (See this thread.)
  • Passage Analysis
    • Fixed bug that caused word/phrase text field in the Word Tree tool to be truncated.
  • Prayer List
    • Fixed bug that caused horizontal line below document title to be truncated when all prayer items were collapsed.
    • Fixed bug that prevented ‘delete’ icon from being right-aligned when prayer item was collapsed.

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