Logos 4.5 Beta 3

Logos 4.5 Beta 3 (Mac and Windows v4.50.0.1189) was released on October 20, 2011.

New Features


  • Highlighting note destination can be selected for a particular palette by clicking on the Palette’s menu in the Highlighting tool, selecting “Palette specific note file” (default) and changing the selection to “Most recent note file” or a specific user-created Notes document. (See Known Issues for Mac.)
  • Performance improvements have been implemented for adding a note and applying highlights.

New Features for Mac

Font Scaling
  • Text size sliders are now available in Guides, some Document types, and many of the Tools panels. There are known issues in some of the panels.

Bug Fixes

  • Localization
    • Added Spanish localization for ‘Annotation added to “notes document title”’ message that appears at the bottom of the Highlighting panel after applying highlighting.
  • Notes
    • Clicking on a note indicator in a resource will open the Notes document to that note, expand it and place the cursor in the Content box.

Known Issues

  • Highlighting
    • The import highlighting command (and related commands) will not import highlighting (from Libronix DLS 3).
  • Resource panel
    • Inline footnotes
      • Biblical cross references and abbreviations appear in footnote region.
      • If footnote content doesn’t flow to subsequent pages, some content may be missing from footnote region if it doesn’t fit.
      • Hidden references (those in collapsible sections or hidden by visual filters like ‘Bible text only’) still have their footnotes shown on page.

Known Issues for Mac

  • Font scaling
    • Text size changes, using the text slider in Basic and Bible Search panels, may hang the program.
  • Notes/Highlighting
    • Deleting a Notes document from the File menu does not update the list of available note files on the Palette menu; however, the deleted document cannot be selected. If the deleted document was selected prior to deletion, it will still appear as selected on the menu; however, when a highlight is applied the note will be added to the “Palette specific note file.”

Known Issues for Windows

  • Highlighting
    • Panel does not scroll to renamed palette’s new position.
  • Notes
    • Pressing “Esc” in an active note will defocus, but not collapse the note.

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