Logos 4.5 Beta 12

Logos 4.5 Beta 12 (Mac and Windows v4.50.0.1737) was released on December 28, 2011.

Bug Fixes

  • Highlighting Panel
    • Added feature to show applied highlighting in information panel.
  • Notes
    • Fixed bug where foreground/background color controls were enabled by default.
  • Passage Lists
    • Fixed bug that caused crash when adding a blank highlighter style.

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Highlighting Panel
    • Fixed bug that prevented Palette renaming from context menu.
  • Resource Panel
    • Added “Show interlinear pane” menu item to panel menu.
  • Reverse Interlinear
    • Fixed display bug when checking/unchecking interlinear options. (See this thread.)
  • Search Panel Syntax
    • Fixed truncated text field for Add Versions hyperlink.
  • Syntax Search Document
    • Fixed bug that prevented Syntax Search from storing search terms.
    • Fixed font resizing display issue in Syntax Search Text panel.
    • Fixed text color on Show Details button.

Bug Fixes for Windows

  • Copy Bible Verses
    • Fixed bug caused text to be incorrectly styled in CBV preview pane.
  • Highlighting Panel
    • Fixed bug that prevented scrolling in ‘Save in’ dialog.
    • Fixed bug that created a new palette each time a style was applied.
  • Notes
    • Fixed bug that resulted in inconsistent Note background color.
  • Print/Export
    • Fixed bug that caused incorrect output when printing using the Default Font. (See this thread.)
  • Search Panel Morph
    • Fixed bug that caused infinite loop in redrawing search results.
  • Setup
    • Fixed bug that caused crash during update if Logos is run with elevated privileges.
  • Startup
    • Fixed resource batch update bug related to hidden resources. (See this thread.)

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