Logos 4.3 SR-3

Bug Fixes

  • Personal Books
    • Fixed bug that prevented successful recompiling if certain panels were open to information contained in that book. (See known issues.)
    • Fixed bug that could cause Logos editions to be included in the Personal Book index. The fix requires rebuilding the Personal Book index.
      • Currently, there is no command for rebuilding the Personal Book index. Instead, if you are affected by this issue, you will need to close or quit Logos 4 completely and manually delete the entire Personal Book Index folder. When the program is reopened, your Personal Books will automatically be reindexed.
        • Mac: User Folder\Library*\Application Support\Logos4\Data\ user folder\Personal Book Index
          • Library is hidden by default in OS X 10.7.
        • Vista/Windows 7: C:\Users\ User Folder\AppData*\Local\Logos4\Data\ user folder\Personal Book Index
          • AppData is a hidden folder.
        • XP: C:\Documents and Settings\ User Folder\Local Settings*\Application Data\Logos4\Data\ user folder\Personal Book Index
          • Local Settings is a hidden folder.

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Cited By
    • Fixed bug that caused overlapping text in the display. (See this thread.)
  • Search Panel
    • Fixed crash caused by hitting the enter key multiple times to initiate a Bible search. (See this thread.)

Known Issues

  • Personal Books
    • Open sentence diagram panels (which have not been closed since they were created) containing information from a Personal Book will prevent that book from being recompiled successfully. The relevant sentence diagram panel will need to be closed before the book will recompile successfully.
    • An open search panel with results from a Personal Book will not prevent that book from being recompiled. However, the search results remain visible while recompiling, and clicking on a result from the recompiling book will cause complications.
    • Creating a Reading Plan for a Personal Book will prevent that book from recompiling successfully. The Reading Plan must be deleted before the book will recompile.

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