Logos 4.3 Beta 9

Logos 4.3 Beta 9 (Mac and Windows v4.30.0.0964) was released on June 21, 2011.

New Features

  • Personal Books
    • Support for hyperlinks created in Word has been added.

New Features for Mac

  • Personal Books
    • Support for images has been added for file types including: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF
  • Syntax Search Document
    • Implemented Undo (Cmd-Z) and Redo (Shift-Cmd-Z) support.

Bug Fixes

  • About
    • Program information in ‘About Logos Bible Software’ screen can now be selected and copied.
  • Clippings
    • Fixed bug that did not add reference to clippings from the NA27. (See this thread.)
  • Home Page
    • Fixed crash that could occur when loading a problem image on the home page.
  • Layouts
    • Fixed bug that caused Layouts menu to decrease in size when using a filter not contained in any named layout.
  • Personal Books
    • Fixed bug that allowed a Personal Book to be compiled with only a space in the metadata allowing a book to be compiled without a title.
    • Fixed bug that caused program to crash when an external image was present in the text. Program will now ignore external images like other unsupported image types.
    • Fixed bug that caused program crash when compiling a book initially saved as a .doc file and converted to .docx using a patch from Microsoft.
    • Fixed bug that picked up a paragraph break as a new section in the Table of Contents. (See this thread.)
    • Word Heading styles are detected correctly as Personal Book headings. Page number milestones will not be detected as Headings if they are not formatted with a Word Heading style. (I.e., Correct format is to have page number milestone, [[@Page:p1]], in Normal style, then drop down a line to type heading formatted with Heading style.)

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Bible Word Study
    • Fixed bug that caused program hang when opening ‘Grammatical Relationships’ section in a specific search. (See this thread.)
  • Parallel Resources
    • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when progressing through a custom parallel resource set that included both Bibles and Clause Visualizers. (See this thread.)
  • Passage Guide
    • Fixed bug that caused ‘Interesting Words’ wordle to be missing from the display.
  • Search Panel
    • Fixed crash caused by searching for a specific word in a specific resource. (See this thread.)
    • Fixed bug that caused duplicated results. Note: Requires a rebuild of your index. First try ‘rebuild Bible index’ command. If that is not successful, do a full rebuild with the ‘rebuild index’ command. (See this thread.)
    • Made improvements to next page hyperlinks found at the bottom of the Grid View results panel in Bible search.

Bug Fixes for Windows

  • Handouts
    • Ctrl+P now opens the standard Windows Print dialog (as does the Print button on the Handout toolbar).
  • Personal Books
    • Removed support for WMF type image files.

Known Issues

  • Personal Books
    • Books compiled in the beta cycle will expire, at the latest, when 4.3 is shipped to the stable channel due to further changes that will be made.
    • Personal Books will not automatically sync between computers.
    • Personal Books from LDLS3 (*.lbxpbb) cannot be read in Logos 4; they will need to be recompiled from the original sources. For more information, see this thread.
    • Search hits are not highlighted in personal books.
    • Citation Information is not available for Personal Books.
    • Not all formatting is preserved, e.g. margins, indentation, paragraph and text spacing, text effects and word art, highlighting, and fill effects are ignored.
    • Lists lose their bullets and numbers
    • Fonts are currently ignored.
    • Text boxes, charts, embedded documents and other similar features are not supported.
    • From within the PB panel, a Personal Book cannot be dragged to the Shortcut bar or to a particular location on the screen to control where the book opens. (See this thread.)
    • Adding multiple files into one Personal Book is not currently supported.
    • Editing text which has had a highlight style applied to it before recompiling the book will cause the highlight to shift location. (See this thread.)
    • Although a resource can be built with the “Bible” type, it will not function correctly as a Bible in Logos 4 (e.g., Copy Bible Verses, Bible Text Only, etc., do not work).
  • Sync
    • Sync of new/edited Copy Bible Verses styles will fail on a stable install where the login is also used for a beta install. (See this thread or this thread.)

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