Logos 4.3 Beta 5

Logos 4.3 Beta 5 (Mac v4.30.0.0586) (Windows v4.30.0.0587) was released on May 17, 2011.

New Features

  • Copy Bible Verses
    • Added a new “Observation Worksheet” style to the gallery of Copy Bible Verses styles.
  • Exegetical Guide
    • The default “Parts of Speech” setting in the “Word by Word” section is now “Include only these parts of speech” with only Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives and Adverbs selected. Other parts of speech will be displayed, but will be grayed out. Clicking on a grayed-out word will generate data and navigate to the result.

New Features for Mac

  • Rich Text Editor
    • Implemented Mac keyboard shortcuts to use in Notes and Clippings.

          Cmd+A select all
          Cmd+B bold
          Cmd+C copy
          Cmd+E align center
          Cmd+I italic
          Cmd+K insert hyperlink
          Cmd+L align left
          Cmd+] increase indent (only supported in lists at this time)
          Cmd+[ decrease indent (only supported in lists at this time)
          Cmd+R align right (see Known Issues)
          Cmd+U underline
          Cmd+V paste
          Cmd+X cut
          Cmd+Z undo
          Cmd+. bulleted list
          Cmd+/ numbered list
          Cmd+= subscript
          Cmd+Shift++ superscript (see Known Issues)
          Cmd+Shift+F change font family
          Cmd+Shift+P change font size
          Cmd+Shift+K toggle small caps
          Cmd+Shift+U toggle strikethrough (not yet supported in Mac)
          Cmd+Shift+Z redo

Bug Fixes

  • Layouts
    • Fixed bug that caused a layout, loaded a second time, to replace all the resource panels with the message “This resource cannot be displayed.”
  • Untransliteration
    • Fixed the following Greek untransliteration issues: “J” for Greek iota, “U” for Greek omicron + upsilon; and “Jesus” will map to the lemma Ἰησοῦς.

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Copy Bible Verses
    • Fixed truncated “Copy” button.
  • Diagnostic Logging
    • Full Logging has been disabled to improve performance in the program. Logging can be enabled temporarily or permanently by following the steps below:
      • Temporary logging: Open Logos 4 by pressing the Command key immediately after clicking the icon in the Dock, keeping Cmd held down until the Sign In window appears. Click the Sign In button to open the program with logging enabled for that session.
      • Permanent logging: Quit Logos 4 and open the Terminal utility. Enter defaults write com.logos.Logos_Bible_Software_4 LoggingEnabled -bool YES.
      • Disable Permanent logging: Quit Logos 4 and open the Terminal utility. Enter defaults write com.logos.Logos_Bible_Software_4 LoggingEnabled -bool NO.
    • Crash logs will still be generated with logging disabled; however, if a crash occurs, development will need the Logos4.log or Indexer.log as well.
  • Morph Search panel
    • Fixed morph picker bugs:
      • Selecting the parts of speech and their corresponding fields can be done using mouse or keyboard, and selections will now be populated in the Find box. (See Known Issues.)
      • Selection by keyboard is now consistent with the Windows version: arrow down to item, press Spacebar to select, and Enter to close morph picker.
  • Notes
  • Passage Analysis
    • Fixed Word Tree, Morph River, and Version River display.
  • Print/Export
    • Fixed bug that prevented preview generation when a reference was entered without selecting it first from the auto-complete list.
  • Resource Panel

Bug Fixes for Windows

Known Issues for Mac

  • Documents
    • Last word in a document title may be cut off in the body of the document, but not on the tab or the title bar.
  • Rich Text Editor
    • Two of the above keyboard shortcuts are not functioning as expected:
      • Cmd+R align right - aligns Center
      • Cmd+Shift++ superscript - does not function
  • Startup
    • Resource downloads may occur in stages and large downloads may time out.
  • Visual Filter document
    • The arrow that closes the morph picker when clicked is broken in Visual Filter documents. It works correctly in the Morph Search panel. To close the picker in a VF document, press Enter.

Known Issues for Windows

  • Syntax Search document
    • The “Show Details” button is not functioning and search term details are not displayed.

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