Logos 4.3 Beta 4

Logos 4.3 Beta 4 (Mac v4.30.0.0442) (Windows v4.30.0.0441) was released on May 3, 2011.

New Features

  • Sentence Diagram
    • Added “Copy image” and “Send to Powerpoint” and/or “Send to Keynote” to context menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Collections
  • Context menu
    • Fixed bug that caused delays and hangs displaying resource context menus.
    • Fixed crash when right-clicking in “A Grammatical Analysis of the Greek New Testament.” (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/32802.aspx)
    • “Remove highlighting” (if applicable) and “Report typo” (if working online) are shown in a new section between searching and KeyLink destinations. The commands are made available immediately, without having to wait for KeyLink destinations to populate.
  • Library
  • Power Lookup
    • The correct information is generated when looking up a Selection or a Reference (i.e., choosing Selection from context menu and choosing Power Lookup will display dictionary definitions).
  • Resources
  • Search
    • Lexham Analytical Greek Lexicon isn’t listed in Morph Search, nor indexed in the Bible index.

Bug Fixes for Mac

Bug Fixes for Windows

  • Reading Plan
    • Fixed bug that caused three instances of a Reading Plan to be displayed in the “Mark Read” hover tooltip in a resource.

Known Issues

Known Issues for Windows

  • Notes
    • Compact View in Notes will display a lot of white space between notes.

Known Issues for Mac

  • Documents
    • Last word in a document title may be cut off in the body of the document, but not on the tab or the title bar.
  • Startup
    • Resource downloads may occur in stages and large downloads may time out.
  • Syntax Search document
    • Text options applied to Syntax search terms are not displayed until the term is clicked on or document is refreshed.

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