Logos 4.3 Beta 12

Logos 4.3 Beta 12 (Mac and Windows v4.30.0.1276) was released on July 12, 2011.

Bug Fixes

  • Exegetical Guide
    • Fixed bug that caused crashes in the Print/Export panel.
  • Personal Books
    • Fixed bug that caused an error while recompiling a book when a note file connected to the Personal Book being recompiled was open.
    • Fixed bug that prevent Visual Filters from being applied to Personal Books.
    • Fixed bug that allowed Description box in edit view to expand indefinitely as information is added.
    • Fixed bug that did not automatically detect Biblical references placed in footnotes.
    • Added resource Types ‘Cross-Reference Index’, ‘Magazine’, and ‘Manual’.
    • Fixed bug that used articles (A, An, The) when sorting the books by title in the Personal Books panel.
    • Fixed bug that caused popup to display reference twice when hovering over a Bible reference. (See this thread.)
    • Fixed bug so adding a new Personal Book will put focus on the new item.
    • Fixed bug so that ‘My Books’ section of search results is not displayed when there are no Personal Books present. (Section will still display if there are Personal Books present but no relevant results.)
    • Fixed bug to add labels for added meta-data fields in edit view. Also added the ability to delete these fields when desired.
    • Added localization support for Spanish in Personal Books panel.
    • Added additional languages to resource language drop down in edit view.
  • Resource Panel
    • Justification of embedded Hebrew in a left-to-right context has been fixed.
  • Syntax Search Document
    • Fixed bug so now group titles in ‘Source’ section will check/uncheck all the boxes below it when clicked.
  • Syntax Search Panel
    • Fixed bug that caused a Syntax Search in Greek to return with zero results.

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Library Catalog
    • Decreased size of Catalog.db file by replacing the existing PNG image files for book covers with JPEG files. Note that the Mac Catalog.db file will still be larger than the corresponding Windows file.
  • Passage Guide
    • Fixed bug that caused a crash when clicking for a second time on the Settings for the Compare Versions section.
  • Personal Books
    • Fixed spelling error in message that displays when no Personal Books have been compiled.
  • Resource Panel
    • Fixed bug that truncated resource location in the resource panel toolbar.
  • Search Panel
    • Improved styling issues in History drop down menu.
  • Syntax Search Document
    • Fixed bug that added an extra line in the connecting arrows.
    • Removed background highlighting in General and Agreement sections for drop downs.

Bug Fixes for Windows

  • Personal Books
    • Removed file path from ‘Add Body Files’ section of compiler. Only the file name will now be displayed.
    • Fixed bug that caused the edit view to open when a Personal Book was right-clicked in the Personal Books panel.

Known Issues

Known Issues for Mac

  • Personal Books
    • Right-clicking in a Personal Book will prevent that book from being recompiled successfully in the same session.
    • Resource language drop down in edit view is not scrollable.

Known Issues for Windows

  • Personal Books
    • Files added to a Personal Book in edit view cannot be deleted by right-clicking and then clicking Delete. Selecting the unwanted file and hitting the ‘Delete’ key on the keyboard does delete the file.
    • Repeated footnote numbers in Personal Books using multiple .docx files will repeat the text of the first instance of that number.

Previous Known Issues

  • Personal Books
    • Books compiled in the beta cycle will expire, at the latest, when 4.3 is shipped to the stable channel due to further changes that will be made.
    • Personal Books will not automatically sync between computers.
    • Personal Books from LDLS3 (*.lbxpbb) cannot be read in Logos 4; they will need to be recompiled from the original sources. For more information, see this thread.
    • Not all formatting is preserved, e.g. margins, indentation, paragraph and text spacing, text effects and word art, highlighting, and fill effects are ignored.
    • Text boxes, charts, embedded documents and other similar features are not supported.
    • From within the PB panel, a Personal Book cannot be dragged to the Shortcut bar or to a particular location on the screen to control where the book opens. (See this thread.)
    • Although a resource can be built with the “Bible” type, it will not function correctly as a Bible in Logos 4 (e.g., Copy Bible Verses, Bible Text Only, etc., do not work).
  • Sync
    • Sync of new/edited Copy Bible Verses styles will fail on a stable install where the login is also used for a beta install. (See this thread or this thread.)

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