Logos 4.3 Beta 10

Logos 4.3 Beta 10 (Mac v4.30.0.1045 and Windows v4.30.0.1046) was released on June 28, 2011.

New Features

  • Personal Books
    • Bulleted and Numbered lists in Word are supported.
    • Implemented caching of article IDs so they are generated more reliably across recompiles. One benefit is prevention of loss of highlighting due to minor or medium-sized document/book edits (e.g., as seen in this thread).

Bug Fixes

  • Personal Books
    • Fixed crash during document conversion when document did not specify any styles. (See this thread)
    • Fixed crash when compiling documents with footnotes. (See this thread and this thread)
    • Improved support for paragraph and line spacing.
  • Resources
    • Improved performance of datatype lookups, especially when only one resource is available for a particular datatype. (See this thread)
  • Search Engine
    • Fixed bug that caused several words with embedded underscores (e.g., Jesus_or_Joshua) to be included in the Bible Index. Note: To see the results of the fix, the ‘Rebuild Bible Index’ command will need to be entered.

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Explorer
    • Fixed crash when Explorer was opened if a ‘My Content’ item had been deleted since the last use.
  • Guides
    • Fixed bug that caused ‘Add’ button to be missing from Guides except when running a report from the Home Page ‘Go’ box.
  • Resources
    • Fixed bug that caused scrolling to slow down considerably in the MWDICT11 with a large number of search results displayed in the book and the “Show Search Bookmarks” program setting enabled.
  • Resource Panel
    • Fixed bug that caused Parallel Resource icon in a specific resource to be missing. (See this thread.)
    • Moved Visual Filter button closer to Panel menu in resources that do not have an active reference box on their toolbar.
  • Search Panel
    • Fixed bug that caused page controls in Grid view to display incorrectly.
    • Fixed bug that caused an added search term to be removed after addition, or to be re-added after deletion. (See this thread)
    • Fixed the “Templates” and “New Syntax Search” links on Syntax Search Query dropdown.
    • Improved alignment of chapter and verse numbers in Bible Search results Grid view.
  • Setup
    • Fixed bug that prevented Indexer from launching if Logos 4 application was placed in a folder with a special character, such as an apostrophe. (See this thread)

Known Issues

Known Issues for Mac

  • Syntax Search
    • Possible crashes, hangs, or zero results with some searches.

Previous Known Issues

  • Personal Books
    • Books compiled in the beta cycle will expire, at the latest, when 4.3 is shipped to the stable channel due to further changes that will be made.
    • Personal Books will not automatically sync between computers.
    • Personal Books from LDLS3 (*.lbxpbb) cannot be read in Logos 4; they will need to be recompiled from the original sources. For more information, see this thread.
    • Search hits are not highlighted in personal books.
    • Citation Information is not available for Personal Books.
    • Not all formatting is preserved, e.g. margins, indentation, paragraph and text spacing, text effects and word art, highlighting, and fill effects are ignored.
    • Text boxes, charts, embedded documents and other similar features are not supported.
    • From within the PB panel, a Personal Book cannot be dragged to the Shortcut bar or to a particular location on the screen to control where the book opens. (See this thread.)
    • Adding multiple files into one Personal Book is not currently supported.
    • Although a resource can be built with the “Bible” type, it will not function correctly as a Bible in Logos 4 (e.g., Copy Bible Verses, Bible Text Only, etc., do not work).
  • Sync
    • Sync of new/edited Copy Bible Verses styles will fail on a stable install where the login is also used for a beta install. (See this thread or this thread.)

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