Logos 4.3 Beta 1

New Features

  • Resource Justification and Hyphenation
    • Full justification of resource text, with hypenation, can be enabled/disabled in Program Settings. The default setting is enabled (“Yes”).

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes for Mac version

  • Passage Lists
    • Fixed bug that caused filtered passages (using Cmd-F) to remain in their non-filtered location in the panel rather than moving to the top of the panel.
  • Print/Export
    • Fixed bug that caused the “Margins” drop-down, when printing from a Clause Visualizer resource, to cover the “Use current graph” and “Use selected text” options when one of those options was clicked.
  • Reading Plan
    • Range drop-down will open with focus on current range rather than the New Reference Range box.
  • Search panel
    • Added “This panel supports export only” message in place of blank Search Analysis preview in Print/Export panel.
    • Fixed bug in Basic Search panel that caused collapsed titles to be expanded after a different, expanded title was collapsed.
  • Sentence Diagram
    • Alternate line options in the Insert Passage dialog now have correct names.
  • Startup
    • Fixed crash (InvalidOperationException) when starting Logos 4 with Russian selected in Mac Language Preferences.

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