Logos 4.2b SR-2

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Fixed compatibility issues anticipating the release of the OS X 10.7 Lion operating system.

Known Issues for Mac

In the Lion operating system, there are several visual glitches in the User Interface of Logos 4 which will be fixed in the next major program update.

  • Clippings
    • Animation for ‘info’ icon displays mirror image of current screen.
  • Home Page
    • Terminal page number is missing when the home page is refreshed until the Library Slideshow scrolls to the next item. If the Library Slideshow is turned off, the terminal page number will not reappear until clicking to the next page.
    • Go box receives a focus ring when the cursor is entered in the box.
  • Library Panel
    • Advanced prioritization box does not collapse when another resource title in the list is selected.
  • Note Document
    • Hint text in a new note is duplicated.
  • Passage Guide
    • In the Parallel Passage section, additional text may be displayed on the last line of the resource popups.
  • Resource Panel
    • Animation for ‘info’ icon displays mirror image of current screen.
  • Search Panel
    • Reordering columns in Analysis View will cause the result information to disappear. Moving to another view and then back to Analysis will display results once more with the columns in the updated order.
    • Clicking ‘Graph Results’ or ‘Make Filter’ buttons will turn the button text blue until the button is clicked again.
    • Dependent on prioritization, a blank space may appear in the left-hand side of an analysis view of search results.
  • Startup
    • ‘Preparing your Library’ icon will freeze despite the process still running. The box eventually disappears and the program opens as expected.

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