Logos 4.2a Beta 4

Logos 4.2a Beta 4 (Mac v4.21.4.8941) was released on January 6, 2011.
Logos 4.2a Beta 4 (Windows v4.21.4.8842) was released on January 4, 2011.

New Features for Mac

  • Library
    • In Grid view, when resources are grouped by a column heading, such as “Type,” the columns are now collapsible.
  • Print/Export
    • Implemented Export to “PDF Document.”
  • Program Settings
    • Implemented Language settings. Currently available user interfaces to choose from are English, Spanish, and Swedish.

Bug Fixes for Mac/Windows

  • Clause Visualizer
  • Word Find Puzzle
    • Fixed algorithm for selecting letters for the puzzle so that Greek, Hebrew and Syriac markings are excluded.

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Copy Bible Verses
    • Fixed bug that caused a Greek semicolon to paste as another character.
    • Special characters used in Spanish, Portuguese and other non-English Bibles are pasted correctly.
  • Home Page
  • Library
    • Fixed bug that caused the Go (arrow) button to be missing from the resource selector in Advanced Prioritization Limits popup.
    • Fixed crash that could occur after pressing Cmd-Q to quit Logos 4 while a resource hover tip was still open in Library.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when adding tags to resources.
  • Mac functionality
  • Morph Search
  • Prayer List document
    • Fixed bug that caused collapsed prayers to not expand across the width of the panel.
    • Frequency and duration options are available again.
  • Resources

Bug Fixes for Windows

  • Basic Search
    • Exported ‘By Title’ or ‘By Count’ results will now include expanded content.
    • First result for the last resource on a page (in By Title or By Count views) will now be visible on that page when expanded. You may need to go to the next page of results to see the remaining hits for that resource.
    • Fixed bug that caused a missing hit for a reference where a numeral being searched was followed by a period or other punctuation. Reindexing is required to see the correct behavior. (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/27391.aspx)
    • Fixed crash (InvalidOperationException) when searching with By Count results view selected, when there were no results for query. (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/27642.aspx and http://community.logos.com/forums/t/27651.aspx)
    • Fixed crash when exporting “By Title” or “By Count” results to Excel.
    • Resource title is now repeated on every page of results for ‘By Title’ or ‘By Count’ views.
  • Bibical People
    • Fixed crash switching to “Clásico” theme in Spanish UI.
  • Highlighting
    • Added text wrapping to Image hint text in style editor to prevent clipped text in Spanish and Swedish UIs.
  • Resource Panel
    • New field names (largetext, color, day, date, reading, and season) are translated into Spanish (with Spanish UI enabled).
  • Search
  • Text Comparison
  • Timelines
    • Fixed crash when switching to “Caricatura” theme in Spanish UI.

Known Issues for Mac

  • Print/Export
    • Exporting a Greek or Hebrew Bible Word Study will crash the program.
    • Search Analysis results can be exported to Excel; however, the preview in Print/Export will be blank.
    • Printing/Exporting in Resources is not supported yet.

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