Logos 4.2a Beta 3

Logos 4.2a Beta 3 (Mac v4.21.4.8572) (Windows v4.21.4.8512) was released on December 21, 2010.

New Features for Mac/Windows

  • Search Engine
    • Improvements to the speed of phrase searching and index merging.

New Features for Mac

  • Installation
    • Implemented a new Installer icon for Logos 4 Mac.
  • Print/Export
    • Implemented page breaks in print area to improve pagination.
  • Resources
    • Implemented additional Mac Services. Select a word or phrase in a text-based resource, click on the “Logos Bible Software 4” menu and choose “Services.” Choose from one of the available options. (Not available for Clause Visualizer, Media, or Timeline resources.)

New Features for Windows

  • Basic Search
    • Added a “By Count” search results view which sorts the results by book according to the total number of occurrences in each book (descending). (See Known Issues.)
    • “By Book” view is now “By Title.”

Bug Fixes for Mac/Windows

  • Hebrew lemma
    • Hover over and right-click on middle segments of multi-word lemmas will now display lemma and morph information.
  • Morph Search
    • Autocomplete works correctly for lemmas with spaces. (An example of correct syntax with transliterated words: lemma:”byt lhm” and an example with Hebrew: lemma:”.)
  • Resource Panel
    • Paging control buttons no longer take the focus when clicked.
    • Fixed bug that caused image on title page to increase in size when panel was changed to “Paged view” (e.g., LLS:TMPLSCROLL).
  • Sentence Diagram
    • All text in a diagram is now fully indexed and searchable, including alternate text and text from inserted passages and imported diagrams.
  • Text Comparison
    • Fixed bug that caused identical words to be displayed as a difference because the marks or punctuation following the words (e.g., apostrophes, asterisks, emdashes) were not seen as marks and punctuation, and not ignored as specified.

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Find
    • Fixed bug that prevented the Find box from appearing when Cmd-F was pressed in resources and other panels.
  • Home Page
  • Layouts
    • Fixed snapshot Delete button location.
  • Localization
    • Fixed bug that prevented Logos 4 startup when Mac UI was set to Swedish (Svenska).
  • Notes
    • Fixed bug that prevented additional lines from being added to note content.
    • Note icons are now present in Notes documents and clicking on the icon will bring up the color palette to change the icon’s color in document and resource.
  • Print/Export
    • Fixed pagination problems for multiple-page Rich Text documents with images such as Biblical People/Places/Things.
  • Shortcuts
    • Shortcut image can be changed.
    • Tool commands, such as ‘Close All’, ‘Update Now’, etc. can now be dragged from the Command box autocomplete list to the shortcut bar.
  • Visual Filter document
  • Word Find Puzzle

Bug Fixes for Windows

  • Bible Word Study
  • Highlighting
  • Home Page
  • Localization
    • In Spanish UI, replaced English word “Behind” in Reading Plans with Spanish word “Atrasado,” on home page ribbon and in document.
  • Passage Lists
  • Print/Export
    • Fixed bug that caused the first line of selected text to be indented when exported to RTF or HTML, even if start of paragraph was not included in selection.
    • Images are no longer omitted from RTF and HTML exports (e.g., ESV title page).
  • Resource Panel
    • Improved rendering of Hebrew on status bar.
  • Timelines
    • Fixed bug that caused both Print/Export panel and Print Pictures dialog to open when Ctrl+P was pressed in a Timelines resource. Now only Print Pictures will open (also available from context menu).
    • Removed Print/Export from Timelines panel menu as export is not supported by design. (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/27039.aspx)

Known Issues for Mac

  • Print/Export
    • Exporting a Greek or Hebrew Bible Word Study will crash the program.
    • Search Analysis results can be exported to Excel; however, the preview in Print/Export will be blank.
    • Printing/Exporting in Resources is not supported yet.

Known Issues for Windows

  • Basic Search
    • Expanding two books quickly may cause first item to continue to show “Loading..” for the preview.
    • Exported ‘By Title’ or ‘By Count’ results will have no content. Exporting “By Title” or “By Count” views to Excel will crash the application.
    • Hits for the last resource on a page (in By Title or By Count views) are not visible on that page when expanded. Go to next page of results to see them.
    • Resource title is not repeated on every page of results for ‘By Title’ or ‘By Count’ views.
  • Logos4.exe will be incorrectly detected as the Win32:Unruy-K [Trj] trojan by Avast 5.0.677 (virus definitions 101208-01). This error has been reported to Avast.

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