Logos 4.2a Beta 1

Logos 4.2a Beta 1 (Mac v4.21.4.8172) (Windows v4.21.4.8168) was released on December 8, 2010.

New Features for both Mac and Windows versions

  • Home Page
    • Added a new home page section that displays a link to the public wiki Release Notes for a recent software update. (The text of the release notes will not be displayed on the home page.)
    • Added a new home page section that displays a list of Updated Resources for a particular date, (e.g., “Resources Updated on Tuesday, November 30, 2010”). It may be necessary to press F5 to refresh home page. To hide this content, click on Customize and deselect ‘Updated Resources’. Note: If the resource can be accessed from your Library, its title will be a hyperlink to open the resource. If the update cannot be accessed (i.e., a syntax database), it will not be a hyperlink.

New Features for Mac version

  • Bible Word Study
    • Multiple “Translation” sections can be added.
    • Select a Bible from the “Settings” drop-down in the Translation, Greek Words, and Hebrew Words sections.
  • Copy Bible Verses
    • Added keyboard shortcut [Opt-Cmd-B] to open CBV in a floating window from the Logos 4 main screen.
    • Added two system level Services menu items: “Copy Bible Verses” [Shift-Cmd-J] and “Expand Bible Reference” [Shift-Cmd-E).
      • “Copy Bible Verses” opens CBV in a floating window from applications that interact with the Services menu (e.g., Pages, TextEdit, Chrome, etc.).
      • “Expand Bible Reference” replaces a reference typed into one of these applications with the text of the passage. Select the reference first, and then press Shift-Cmd-E or choose from Services menu.
      • To display the menu items on the Services menu and enable the keyboard shortcuts, click on any application’s main menu and choose Services. Click on Services Preferences, click on Keyboard Shortcuts at the top of the Keyboard dialog, select Services on the left, and select the two services under the Text heading.
  • Guides
    • Implemented Lectionaries section, which can be added to a current or custom Passage Guide.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Float This Panel [Opt-Cmd-F]
    • Dock This Panel [Opt-Shift-Cmd-F]
  • Printing
    • “Print/Export” [Cmd-P] added to panel menus (except Copy Bible Verses, Home, Layouts, and Library).
    • “Print/Export” working for Guides, Biblical People/Places/Things, Search results (see Known Issues).
  • Resource panel
    • “Show paged view” [Shift-Cmd-P] panel menu option available to toggle paged mode on or off. “Show paged view” will display more than one column, depending on the width of the panel (scrollbars removed). Paged mode is also available in Reading View. Navigation buttons are available in the lower right corner of LTR resources and the lower left corner of RTL resources.
    • Visual Filter context menu added with “Show in All Appropriate Resources” and “Do Not Show In Any Resources” options. Click on the Visual Filter button on a resource toolbar (3 intersecting circles), and then right-click to open menu.
  • Sentence Diagramming
    • “Sentence Diagram” document added to File menu.
    • “Send to Sentence Diagram” added to panel menu of Harmony resources.
  • Shortcuts
    • Right-click on a shortcut in the shortcut area of the main toolbar to customize it.

Bug Fixes for Mac version

  • Biblical People
    • Preview images are no longer blank for certain diagrams.
  • Biblical Places
    • Fixed bug that prevented panning in maps.
  • Citations
    • Fixed bug that prevented citation number from appearing in footnote when pasted with text into Word.
  • Explorer
    • ‘In progress’ indicators are now right aligned.
  • Guides
    • Choosing “Add Notes” from Guides section expander context menu will now open and focus the Notes field in that section.
    • Fixed crash (InvalidOperationException) that could occur when opening Logos 4 to a named layout. (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/22764.aspx)
    • Translation section in the Guide Template Editor now includes a “Preferred Resource” setting.
    • Fixed crash in Word by Word section for certain reverse interlinear resources.
  • Library
    • Allow user to use arrow keys to navigate library and press Enter to open resource while focus remains in the filter edit box.
    • Go button is no longer visible when dragging another panel over the Library or Collections panels.
  • Resource Panel
    • Changed free (yellow) tooltip into styled Resource Hover Tip for Equivalent Versions.
    • Visual Filter context menu added with “Show in all...” and “Do not show...” options. Click on the Visual Filter button on a resource toolbar (3 intersecting circles), and then right-click to open menu.

Bug Fixes for Windows version

  • Bible Word Study
    • Concordance section, when expanded, will be exported with the Translation ring graphs.
  • Clause Visualizer
    • Default Greek and Hebrew font settings are now respected in Clause Visualizer resources.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Changed the “Dock this panel” shortcut to [Ctrl+Shift+F11] to avoid conflict with “Float this panel” [Ctrl+F11] in cases when both options are valid, as with docked panels in a floating window.
  • Library
  • Localization
    • Audio for “Explain the screen” [F9], which is in English, will be disabled when the Logos UI language is not English.
    • Biblical People/Places/Things in Spanish UI are now listed in order of importance as in English UI (instead of alphabetically).
    • Fixed crash that occurred when the ‘uilang’ command was entered with an invalid language (e.g., uilang 123). A search panel will open instead.
    • Logos Bible Software splash screen will be displayed in Spanish (Software Bíblico Logos) when the Spanish UI in Logos 4 is enabled.
    • Visual Filter document has correct Search field drop-down (All bibeltext) when using Swedish UI in Logos.
  • Print/Export
  • Resources
    • Ctrl+F in a Swedish text will no longer find words with non-matching letters in that language (e.g., “vader” will not find “väder” and “våder”).
  • Text Comparison
  • Visual Filters

Known Issues for Mac version

  • Print/Export
    • Exporting a Greek or Hebrew Bible Word Study will crash the program.
    • Search Analysis results can be exported to Excel; however, the preview in Print/Export will be blank.
    • Printing/Exporting in Resources is not supported yet.

Known Issues for Windows version

  • Logos4.exe will be incorrectly detected as the Win32:Unruy-K [Trj] trojan by Avast 5.0.677 (virus definitions 101208-01). This error has been reported to Avast.

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