Logos 4.0c RC 1

Logos 4.0c RC 1 (v4.03.3.9288) was released on May 4, 2010.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Crash that could occur when deleting resource(s) and pressing Enter in places where the resource list supports multiple selections, such as Text Comparison.
  • Clippings
    • Changes to ‘Default Notes Font’ in Program Settings takes affect immediately, without closing/reopening the document.
    • Clippings are no longer marked as modified, nor synchronized, when opened.
    • Default Notes Text Size in Program Settings also applies to Clippings now.
  • Guides
    • Fixed problems with grammatical relationships data so results are generated for the correct homograph in the Example Uses section of a Hebrew or Aramaic Bible Word Study.
  • Highlighting
    • Capsule font weight has been changed from Normal to Light.
    • Fixed bug that caused alignment issues with Before and After label text in the BHS/WIVU.
    • Fixed bug that caused Before and After label text to be underlined when underlining in Borders & Lines section was also applied.
    • Visual Filter document no longer displays the shortcut key with associated highlighter in the Formatting box.
  • Notes
    • Auto-generated title for a note added to Selection from an Interlinear text now displays only the top line.
    • Changes to ‘Default Notes Font’ and ‘Default Notes Text Size’ in Program Settings takes affect immediately, without closing/reopening the document.
    • Fixed crash (ArgumentException) that could occur when a hyperlink in an imported note was clicked if the link was to a generic reference that did not have a specific associated resource (e.g., page number). Those references are now ignored on import. Generic references that have a resource ID will continue to import and work as expected.
  • Reading Plan
    • M’Cheyne predefined plan now includes the whole book of Philemon (and 2 John, 3 John, Jude, and Obadiah).
  • Resource Panel
    • Inline display, in a reverse interlinear resource, is now disabled by default, with correct default lines selected. When Inline is enabled, the reverse interlinear will appear as it did in Logos 3.
    • Interlinear Display button no longer appears on the toolbar of reverse interlinear Bibles if the user does not own a reverse interlinear.
    • Manuscript, Lemma, Morph, etc. now appear on context menu when right-clicking on a surface text placeholder (e.g., the bullet in ESV, Acts 17:2).
  • Resources
    • Fixed bug that caused Word to over-paginate upon copy and paste of text that included footnotes and interlinear lines.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when opening a corrupt or very old LSF/LIX resource.
    • HTML is put on the clipboard only when there is an actual interlinear cell involved in the selection for both regular interlinear and reverse interlinear resources.
    • Rebuilt the UBS4 Interlinear to fix the problem of a search highlighting the wrong words in the search panel.
  • Reverse Interlinear
    • Clicking on placeholder dot for omitted word in surface text now highlights the corresponding cell in the ribbon.
    • Clicking on placeholder dot in ribbon cell now highlights the corresponding placeholder dot for omitted word in surface text.
    • Fixed bug that caused search results to select the wrong word in the reverse interlinear ribbon.
  • Rich Text Editor
    • Bible references separated by commas are now correctly auto-detected as hyperlinks.
    • Copy and paste into rich text editor now preserves lists correctly.
    • Typing performance has been improved.
  • Search
    • Bible Search panel field drop-down no longer includes fields that would not return results in a Bible search.
  • Startup
    • Fixed crash (ArgumentOutOfRangeException) that could occur in background while downloading updated resource metadata.
  • Syntax Search Document
    • Fixed crash that could occur when adding a new search term while the context menu from a previous search term is open.
  • Visual Filter Document
    • Field text range now corresponds correctly to the selected Search (i.e., Basic: All Text, Bible: All Bible Text, Morph: All Morph Text).

Known Issues

  • For Help:
    • Updated Help for 4.0c is not yet available for download. An update will follow later.
  • For Self Tests:
    • The LDLS3 version of M2120SW.lbxlls (from 2005) needs to be replaced by an updated version. Otherwise, opening Exam 4 will cause Logos 4 to crash.
    • The courses in the self tests tool are collapsible, but the settings are not saved in RC 1.

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