Logos 4.0b RC 1

Logos 4.0b RC 1 (v4.02.3.7243) was released on Monday, March 8, 2010.

New Features

  • Commentaries sections now use the collection title as a subtitle.
  • Added “Set Show home page to No” command to disable home page at startup, and “Set Show home page to Yes” to enable home page at startup.
  • An editable title box has been added to notes, to the right of the attachment anchor, for notes attached to resource text. This replaces the Title/Delete pop-up, so the red ‘x’ for Delete has been restored to Notes documents.
  • Sync icon will change to a yellow warning icon if the last attempt to sync failed. Potential causes include:
    • disconnected from internet;
    • recently awakened computer acquiring IP address;
    • Logos is performing maintenance on the sync server.

Bug Fixes

  • Index merging has been removed; merging indexes (from Search Results, or running the “merge index” command) will rebuild the full index from scratch in the background. Index merging will return in 4.0c.
  • Fixed bug causing non-commentary resources in custom collections to be used in Commentaries section.
  • Fixed bug that caused a note added to a commentary to jump to the milestone for the passage rather than the location of the note in the text.
  • Fixed bug in Copy Bible Verses that prevented paragraph settings in specified Word style from being applied to verse text.
  • Fixed bug that prevented bringing the focus back to the main window after right-clicking on docked tab to open panel in a floating window.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash when nesting or reorganizing Favorites.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash (NullReferenceException) while scrolling through a resource.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash when exporting a Collection bibliography to .txt or .rtf format with Citation Style set to RIS or Refer-BiblX.

Known Issues

  • The versemap that was used for parsing may not be shown.
  • Pasting text into a note loses all paragraph formatting.
  • If the VisualMarkupPalettes folder is missing from the Libronix MyDocuments folder, Import All may crash.

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