Logos 33.0

Version: 33.0.363
Release Date: April 9, 2024

Logos Pro

See this forum post for more information on Logos Pro. Thread.

Logos Pro New Features & Improvements
  • Insights sidebar
    • Insights gives quick access to related books and passages from the right sidebar of Bibles. Currently, it requires an internet connection.
  • Sermon Assistant
    • Sermon Assistant can now generate suggested sermon Applications.
    • The sidebar in Sermon Assistant can now be resized.
Logos Pro Tweaks & Bug Fixes
  • Branding
    • Updated Splash Screens and Feature Set wording to say “Logos Pro (early access)”.
  • Search
    • Summarizing a non-english resource will summarize based on the language set in your program settings.
  • Sermon Assistant
    • Illustration input boxis bigger.
    • Sermon Assistant types will only be displayed if appropriate licenses are unlocked.
    • After clicking “generate,” the focus will remain within the generated results.
    • Sermons exceeding 10,000 words will display a message indicating that the generated questions may not cover the entire sermon.
  • Theme Switching
    • Updated application menu to include the keyboard shortcut for theme switching.
    • Resource text will now correctly swap themes when changing the operating system theme settings on Mac machines. Thread & Thread.

Additional Changes

Changes & Improvements
  • Search
    • Replaced the existing additional versions picker with a new control and drag & drop functionality for Bible and Morph search.
    • Resources such as Personal Books, Media, Interactives, Timeline and Clause Visualization will no longer show a summarize button.
Bug Fixes
  • Factbook
    • Factbook will now scroll when linked with other panels when the application is set to a language other than English. Thread & Thread.
  • Indexer
    • Resolved an indexer crash that some users with Personal Books were experiencing.
  • Performance
    • Improved memory performance during extended use.
  • Search
    • Adding a book to your Hidden Books section will no longer be included in an all search.
    • Newly downloaded books will no longer return Results Changed Unexpectedly error message. Thread.
    • Running a smart all search will no longer result in hit-highlighting appearing in a book.
    • Performing a Clause search without a query will no longer cause a crash.
    • Executing a Bible or Morph query will no longer return an empty layout.
    • The application will no longer crash when executing an inline search.
    • The application will no longer crash when expanding the Timelines section in a Books search.
    • When there is no filter text within the Resource Picker. The Top Books will be ordered based on prioritization followed by downloaded books.
    • Refined the load time when accessing the collection picker in a Books Search.
  • Sermons
    • The Sermon builder tool should keep the block type intact when deleting content above a Heading block, whether by pressing delete or backspace.
    • Sermon document tags are now searchable in a Docs search. Thread.
    • The application will no longer hang when clicking delete or close from the panel setting menu.
    • The application will no longer crash when clicking on the style menu.
  • Translation Tool
    • Error messages in the translation tool now match the set application language.
    • The application will no longer crash when opening/closing panels with the translation side panel open.
Mac Bug Fixes
  • Layouts
    • The application will no longer crash when loading certain layouts.
  • Documents
    • The list of groups in the share pop up can now be scrolled through when sharing a document.
  • Search
    • The application will no longer crash when switching to Grid view in a Bible Search panel.

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