Logos 32.0

Version: 32.0.29
Release Date: February 27, 2024

Logos Pro

See this forum post for more information on Logos Pro. Thread.

  • About
    • The About screen will show “Early Access” as the Feature Set.
  • AI Credits
    • The three features above use AI and are subject to a generous fair use cap from a single pool of credits. * The translation tool now also shares that pool of credits.
    • When a user has used 80% or more of those credits, a notification will display in the main app nav bar.
  • Application Theme
    • Changing light/dark mode will no longer require a restart. It can be switched from the usual menu, or by pressing F4.
  • Sermon Assistant
    • An AI-powered Sermon Assistant is now available in the right sidebar of Sermon Builder.
    • It can generate suggested sermon illustrations to be inserted into Sermon Builder, based on a user prompt.
    • It can also generate suggested discussion questions, based on the user’s sermon.
  • Smart Search
    • Smart Search is a new online-only search engine that uses AI to return highly relevant results without requiring any additional syntax. (AI is used only to find relevant results. No additional text is generated with AI.)
    • Smart Search powers All Search and is the new default for Books Search.
    • The existing search engine (now called Precise Search) is used in Bible and Morph search, and is optional in Books Search.
  • Splash Screens
    • Updated Splash Screens to indicate Early Access if a user has opted in.
  • Summarization Tool
    • It is now possible to see an AI-generated summary of any article that is shown in the search results.
    • Summaries are also available when reading books, by opening the right sidebar.

Changes & Improvements

  • Books
    • When no other panels are open, the first panel to open will be placed on the left hand side.
  • Search
    • Updated Spanish and Korean translations in the Search Cookbook.

Bug Fixes

  • Books
    • Opening a cloud book while offline will now provide a better message indicating why the book can not be read.
    • The application will no longer crash when navigating to an OT reference from NA28GBS when linked with Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia.
    • When double click is set to “look up” it will now open your preferred Lexicon.
    • The application will no longer crash when right clicking on Syriac words. Thread.
  • Charts
    • Menu items in the Charts tool are now responsive. Thread & Thread.
  • Search
    • Autocompleted terms in search templates will no longer be wrapped with mismatching quotes.
    • In All Search, the Factbook card will no longer get stuck in loading state when searching for a Bible reference.

Mac Bug Fixes

  • Highlighting
    • The Inductive/Precept section will now draw all examples correctly. Thread.
  • Indexer
  • Layouts
    • Fixed a bug that caused the layout window state to be saved as a minimized view if the window had been minimized at some point. Any layouts currently saved with a minimized state will continue to minimize the application until they are updated.
  • Search
    • Scrolling within the panel while the multi-resource picker is open will no longer automatically close the add versions popup and disable the button for selecting it again.
  • Sermons
    • Text formatting is now preserved after typing an ellipsis in sermon builder.
  • Text
    • Corrected rich text formatting throughout the application.

Windows Bug Fixes

  • Indexer
    • Resolved an indexer crash caused by registry keys.
  • Print/Export
    • The application will no longer experience crashes caused by different print configurations.

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