Logos 31.2

Version: 31.2.31
Release Date: January 29, 2024

This is a Service Release for version 31. The full list of changes in this version can be viewed here: 31.0 Release Notes & 31.1 Release Notes.
Mac Bug Fixes
  • Highlighting
    • The Inductive/Precept section will now draw all examples correctly. Thread.
  • Icons
    • Icons will no longer be cutoff in areas of the application in MacOS version 14.3. Thread & Thread.
  • Interactives
    • Toolbar items are now present in Interactive resources. Thread.
  • Layouts
    • Fix a bug that caused the layout window state to be saved as a minimized view if the window had been minimized at some point. Any layouts currently saved with a minimized state will continue to minimize the application until they are updated.
  • Sermons
    • An additional set of dashes and ellipses will no longer be inserted when typing in Sermon Builder. Thread, Thread, Thread, & Thread.

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