Logos 3.0 Scholar’s Library

English Bibles
• New International Version
• New Living Translation
• New American Standard Bible – 1995 Update
• English Standard Version
• The NET Bible w/ translators’ notes new!
• Holman Christian Standard Bible new!
• The Message
• American Standard Version
• New Revised Standard Version
• Revised Standard Version new!
• Darby Bible 1890
• New Century Version
• International Standard Version – New Testament
• New King James Version
• King James Version
• King James Version Apocrypha
• King James Version: Cambridge Paragraph Bible new!
• Young’s Literal Translation
• Wuest’s Expanded NT

Interlinear Bibles
• The Greek New Testament, Fourth Revised Edition w/ McReynolds English Interlinear & Logos

Morphology new!
• Nestle-Aland 27th Edition Greek NT w/ McReynolds English Interlinear & Logos Morphology new!
• Interlinear Literal Translation of the Greek New Testament (Newberry) new!
• ESV English-Greek Reverse Interlinear of the NT new!
• ESV English-Hebrew Reverse Interlinear of the OT new!
• NRSV English-Greek Reverse Interlinear of the NT new!

Greek Texts & Morphologies
• The Lexham Syntactic Greek New Testament new!
• The OpenText.org Syntactically Analyzed Greek New Testament new!
• Byzantine/Majority Textform w/ Robinson Morphology
• Elzevir Textus Receptus (1624) w/ Robinson Morphology
• Scrivener’s Textus Receptus (1894) w/ Robinson Morphology
• Stephen’s Textus Receptus (1550) w/ Robinson Morphology
• Westcott-Hort Greek NT (1881) w/ Robinson Morphology
• Tischendorf’s Greek New Testament
• Septuagint (Rahlfs) w/CCAT Morphological Tagging
• Nestle-Aland 27th Edition Greek NT w/ Logos Morphology new!
• The Greek New Testament, Fourth Revised Edition w/ Logos Morphology new!

Hebrew Texts & Morphologies
• The Andersen-Forbes Analyzed Text of the Hebrew Bible new!
• Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia w/ WIVU Hebrew Morphology new!

Aramaic Text & Morphology
• The Targums from the files of the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Project new!

Latin Texts
• Clementine Vulgate new!

Ancient Texts in Translation
• Amarna Letters
• Complete Works of Josephus
• Works of Philo

Greek Lexicons
• Dictionary of Biblical Languages (Greek NT)
• Enhanced Strong’s Lexicon
• Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon (Liddell & Scott)
• Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, Abridged (“Little Kittel”)
• Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (10 Volumes)
• Greek-English Lexicon Based on Semantic Domains (Louw-Nida)
• NAS Greek Dictionary

Hebrew & Aramaic Lexicons
• NAS Hebrew Dictionary
• Enhanced Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon of the OT
• Dictionary of Biblical Languages (Aramaic OT)
• Dictionary of Biblical Languages (Hebrew OT)
• Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament

Latin Lexicon
• Dictionary of the Vulgate New Testament new!

Original Language Grammars
• Syntax of the Moods and Tenses in NT Greek
• Greek New Testament Insert (Chapman-Shogren)
• Hebrew Bible Insert
• Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar
• Hebrew Syntax, 3rd Edition (Davidson)

Latin Grammar
• An Introduction to Ecclesiastical Latin new!

Original Language Tools
• Tense Voice Mood
• Glossary of Morpho-Syntactic Database Terminology new!
• Clausal Outlines of the Greek New Testament (Deppe) new!
• Diagrammatical Analysis
• The Andersen-Forbes Analyzed Text of the Hebrew Bible: A Systematic Glossary new!
• The Andersen-Forbes Phrase Marker Analysis of the Hebrew Bible new!
• The Lexham Syntactic Greek New Testament Glossary new!
• The Lexham Syntactic Greek New Testament: Sentence Analysis new!
• The OpenText.org Syntactically Analyzed Greek New Testament Glossary new!
• The OpenText.org Syntactically Analyzed Greek New Testament: Clause Analysis new!
• NT Genre Coding new!
• OT Genre Coding new!

Bible Commentaries
• Teacher’s Commentary
• New Bible Commentary
• Tyndale Concise Bible Commentary
• Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible
• Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Bible
• Life of Christ (3 Volumes)
• St. Paul the Traveller and Roman Citizen
• Bible Exposition Commentary (23 Volumes)
• Be Available (Judges)
• Be Comforted (Isaiah)
• Be Committed (Ruth & Esther)
• Be Decisive (Jeremiah)
• Be Determined (Nehemiah)
• Be Holy (Leviticus)
• Be Obedient (Abraham)
• Be Patient (Job)
• Be Satisfied (Ecclesiastes)
• Be Skillful (Proverbs)
• Be Strong (Joshua)
• Bible Knowledge Commentary

Bible Introductions & Outlines
• Introducing the New Testament
• Introducing the Old Testament
• Survey of Old Testament Introduction
• Why Four Gospels?
• Wiersbe’s Expository Outlines on the New Testament
• Wiersbe’s Expository Outlines on the Old Testament
• Willmington’s Bible Handbook
• General Introduction to the Bible
• New Testament Introduction
• Old Testament Survey Series: The Pentateuch
• Old Testament Survey Series: The Books of History
• Old Testament Survey Series: The Wisdom Literature and Psalms
• Old Testament Survey Series: The Major Prophets
• Old Testament Survey Series: The Minor Prophets
• Outline Bible (Tyndale)
• Bible Reader’s Companion

Topical Bibles
• New Nave’s Topical Bible
• New Topical Textbook

Bible Dictionaries
• Easton’s Bible Dictionary
• Tyndale Bible Dictionary
• Exhaustive Dictionary of Bible Names new!
• Harper’s Bible Dictionary
• New Bible Dictionary

Biblical Studies Tools
• Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
• Willmington’s Book of Bible Lists
• NAS Exhaustive Concordance

Word Studies
• Vincent’s Word Studies in the New Testament (4 Volumes)
• Word Pictures in the New Testament
• Synonyms of the Old Testament (Girdlestone)
• Figures of Speech Used in the Bible (Bullinger)
• Wuest’s Word Studies

Bible Maps & Photos
• Logos Deluxe Map Set
• Images of the Holy Lands

Biblical History & Culture
• Time Travel to the World of Jesus
• Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah (Edersheim)
• Sketches of Jewish Social Life (Edersheim)
• The Temple (Edersheim)
• New Testament Milieu
• New Manners and Customs of the Bible
• Bible History: Old Testament (Edersheim)

Bible Archaeology
• Dead Sea Scrolls & Modern Translations of the OT
• Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land

History of the Church
• Studies in Early Church History
• History of the Christian Church

• Biblical Theology of the New Testament
• Biblical Theology of the Old Testament
• Concise Theology (Packer)
• Systematic Theology (Hodge)
• Institutes of the Christian Religion
• Ryrie’s Survey of Bible Doctrine
• Great Doctrines of the Bible
• Moody Handbook of Theology

Biblical Ethics
• Biblical Ethics
• Following Christ
• Ethics for a Brave New World
• Moral Foundations of Life

• Difficulties in the Bible: Alleged Errors and Contradictions

Pastoral Resources
• Star Book for Ministers

Fresh Ideas Series
• Fresh Ideas for Administration & Finance
• Fresh Ideas for Discipleship & Nurture
• Fresh Ideas for Families, Youth & Children
• Fresh Ideas for Preaching, Worship & Evangelism

Leadership Library Series
• Called into Crisis
• Clergy Couples in Crisis
• Leaders
• Learning to Lead
• Liberating the Leader’s Prayer Life
• Making the Most of Mistakes
• Sins of the Body
• The Contemplative Pastor
• The Healthy Hectic Home
• The Magnetic Fellowship
• The Secrets of Staying Power
• The Unity Factor
• Weddings, Funerals & Special Events
• Well-Intentioned Dragons
• When It’s Time to Move On
• When to Take a Risk
• Music, Youth & Education
• Preaching to Convince
• Helping Those Who Don’t Want Help
• Being Holy, Being Human

Library of Leadership Development
• Leading Your Church Through Conflict & Resolution
• Renewing Your Church Through Vision & Planning
• Growing Your Church Through Training & Motivation
• Building Your Church Through Counsel & Care

Library of Christian Leadership
• Changing Lives Through Preaching and Worship
• Deepening Your Ministry Through Prayer & Personal Growth
• Empowering Your Church Through Creativity & Change
• Growing Your Church Through Evangelism & Outreach

Mastering Ministry Series
• Mastering Church Finances
• Mastering Church Management
• Mastering Conflict & Controversy
• Mastering Contemporary Preaching
• Mastering Outreach & Evangelism
• Mastering Pastoral Care
• Mastering Pastoral Counseling
• Mastering Pastoral Role
• Mastering Personal Growth
• Mastering Teaching
• Mastering Transitions
• Mastering Worship

Pastor’s Soul Series
• Character Forged From Conflict
• Deepening Your Conversation With God
• Leading With Integrity
• Listening to the Voice of God
• Your Ministry’s Next Chapter
• Pastoral Grit
• Power of Loving Your Church
• Preaching With Spiritual Passion

Pressure Points Series
• Pressure Points: Dangers, Toils & Snares
• Pressure Points: Measuring Up
• Pressure Points: Standing Fast
• Pressure Points: Time Crunch
• Pressure Points: Voice in the Wilderness
• Pressure Points: Who’s In Charge?

• Elements of Preaching
• Rediscovering Expository Preaching
• Selected Sermons of George Whitefield
• Sermons on Several Occasions

• Encyclopedia of 7,700 Illustrations

• All the Questions in the Bible
• Great Quotations
• The Merriam-Webster Dictionary of Quotations new!

Small Group Resources
• Big Book of Small Groups
• Seven Myths About Small Groups
• Small Group Idea Book
• Small Group Leaders’ Handbook: The Next Generation
• Starting (and Ending) a Small Group
• Getting Together
• Good Things Come in Small Groups
• Biblical Foundations for Small Group Ministry

Bible Study Training
• How To Study the Bible
• Handbook to Bible Study
• Diving For Pearls in God’s Treasure Chest
• Keys to the Bible’s Treasures

• True Evangelism

• Training of the Twelve

• Necessity of Prayer
• Power Through Prayer
• Prayer: Basic Training
• Handbook To Prayer

Family Dynamics
• Different By Design
• Fulfilled Family

Home School & Christian Education
• Keyword Learning System
• Soul of Science

English Language Reference
• Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition new!
• Merriam-Webster Collegiate Thesaurus

Christian Reference
• Who’s Who in Christian History

Christian Living
• Be What You Are
• Christian’s Secret of a Holy Life
• Growing In Christ
• Fourfold Gospel
• Living a Full Life

• Logos Hymnal, 100 MIDI Hymns

• Alone with God
• Amazing Grace: 366 Inspiring Hymn Stories
• Drawing Close to God
• Imitation of Christ
• Morning and Evening
• My Utmost for His Highest
• Thoughts for the Quiet Hour

• Pilgrim’s Progress
• In His Steps

Addins Included
• Bible Tools Addin
• LLS Addin
• Logos Bible Software Addin
• Personal Bible Study Tools Addin
• Lectionary Addin new!
• Bible Puzzles Addin
• Biblical People Addin new!
• Timelines Addin (8 Timelines) new!
• Sentence Diagramming Addin
• Graphical Query Editor Addin
• Syntax Tools Addin new!
• Compare Parallel Bible Versions Addin
• Biblical Languages Addin
• Original Languages Addin
• Bible Analysis Addin
• Greek Pronunciation Addin with Erasmian & Modern Data Sets new!
• Remote Library Search Addin new!

Parallel Passages Included
• Analytical Outline of the Books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles (Crockett)
• Synopsis of the Old Testament (Jackson)
• OT Quotations and Allusions in the NT (Jones) new!
• Old Testament Quotes in the New Testament (HCSB)
• A Harmony of the Gospels (Robertson)
• A Harmony of the Synoptic Gospels (Burton, Goodspeed) new!
• Synopsis of Matthew, Mark, and Luke
• Eusebian Canons (Eusebius)
• Synopsis of the Four Gospels (Aland)
• Records of the Life of Jesus (Sharman) new!
• Pastoral Epistles (Brannan)
• Jude – 2 Peter (Jackson)

Data Sets Included
• Biblical People new!
• Revised Common Lectionary new!

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