Logos 2.0 Level 1

Logos Bible Study Software 2.0 Level 1 contains:

  • The King James Version: Also known as the “Authorized Version,” the KJV is still the most widely used text in the English language. The Logos KJV includes the Strong’s Numbers which allow English readers to identify and search for underlying Greek and Hebrew words in the original text; Electronic Edition – Logos Research Systems, Inc., 1995.
  • The New International Version: The NIV has become the best selling English version of the Bible since the King James Version. The NIV follows the principle of “dynamic equivalence” to insure crystal clear understandable English. The NIV may be the most readable English Bible ever produced; from Zondervan, c1984.
  • The American Standard Version 1901: The ASV has long been regarded by many scholars as the most literal English translation since the King James Version- maybe the most literal translation ever. This has made the translation very popular for careful English Bible study, but not for ease of reading. While the KJV was translated entirely from “western manuscripts,” the ASV 1901 was influenced also by the older “eastern manuscripts” that form the basis for most of our modern English translations. Because the ASV 1901 is very difficult to find in print, Logos is pleased to be able to preserve and distribute this significant work. This is an excellent choice for comparative English study; Electronic edition – Logos Research Systems, Inc., c1995.
  • New Bible Dictionary: The New Bible Dictionary is a unique work of reference, ideally suited for people of all ages and backgrounds. An “A to Z” of Bible terms, written by an international team of more than 150 scholars. Includes more than 2,000 entries with notes on place-names, studies of words and doctrines and comprehensive articles on books and people of the Bible. To help clarify the text it includes maps, family trees, line drawings, diagrams, and charts. It is a magnificent and comprehensive Bible Dictionary which will greatly increase the knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. This is an invaluable reference book for schools and colleges, for theological and Bible college students, ministers and layman, teachers and professional scholars – everyone who is interested in understanding the Bible; from Tyndale House Publishers, c1982.
  • The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge: One of the most comprehensive sets of cross references ever compiled, consisting of over 572,000 entries. This great reference tool is an invaluable asset for your Bible study library. Logos 2.0 makes it even more of an attractive and interactive study aid by making every single reference in the book a hot spot. Simply click on any reference in The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge and instantly jump to that verse. Hit the “return” button on your toolbar and instantly jump back to where you were. With this powerful functionality available in Logos 2.0, you will find yourself looking up more cross-references and getting a better understanding of the text than you ever would have, when you had to sit down and flip through your Bible manually. The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge helps you get more Bible into your Bible study; from Barbour & Co., Inc.
  • New Nave’s Topical Bible: The best known and most comprehensive topical Bible, containing over 20,000 topics and sub-topics with over 100,000 scripture references. Logos’ New Nave’s includes 260 new articles and more than 1,300 new topics. Logos New Nave’s also features more than 1,500 modernization’s of archaic English terms. Combined with Logos Bible software, Nave’s becomes more useful than ever. With Logos Bible Software you can even use the Nave’s topic as a search parameter. For example, search for the word “love” within the verses associated with the Nave’s topic “marriage.” Copy search results to topic lists and your word processor. Billy Graham says of the Nave’s Topical Bible – “Outside of the Bible this is the book that I depend on more than any other. Certainly there has been no book that has helped me more in my study.” Revised and expanded; Electronic Edition: Logos Research Systems, 1994.
  • New Topical Textbook: Written in the tradition of Nave’s Topical Bible, the New Topical Textbook is a practical tool for approaching the Bible text by topic. The most useful aspect of this work is that it is surprisingly different from Nave’s in its selection of topics; Fleming H. Revell Co., c1897.
  • The Complete Guide to Bible Versions: Philip Comfort presents an easy to-understand guide to English Bible translations. Comfort explains in simple terms how the Old and New Testaments have been passed down to us today, including what important ancient manuscripts were involved. He also guides the reader through the fascinating (and often inspirational) history of English Bible translations, showing how different Bible versions are related. Differences in several of today’s common English versions are drawn out, providing an important guide for choosing between the often confusing plethora of English Bible versions currently available; from Tyndale House Publishers, 1991.
  • Logos Bible Map Set: The maps included in the map set are similar in scope to a set of maps found at the back of most Bibles. The Logos Bible Map Set offers a quick reference guide to the geography of Bible lands.
  • Strong’s Numbers: So you didn’t go to seminary for four years? No problem! English readers can easily identify and search for over 14,000 underlying Greek and Hebrew words in the original text. Choose to either view the KJV with the Strong’s Numbers inline, or view the text only. Just click on the Strong’s Number to identify the underlying Greek or Hebrew words from the original text. We’ve added a new depth of additional information to your Personal Bible Study without forcing you to know a single word of Greek or Hebrew!
  • Strong’s Expanded Dictionary: These classic Strong’s dictionary definitions have been painstakingly enhanced with definitions from the Brown, Driver, Briggs and Thayer lexicons. Click on Strong’s Numbers from the King James, or perform a search on any Strong’s Number, and instantly view the underlying word in the actual Greek or Hebrew right next to a phoenetic English pronunciation guide. All entries include definitions of each word along with a wealth of additional information taken from recognized authorities in the field.
  • Pilgrim’s Progress: The classic work by John Bunyan is known as the greatest allegory in the English language; Electronic edition: Logos Research Systems, Inc., 1995.
  • Morning and Evening: This has been the classic daily devotional for thousands of Christians for over a century. Each day’s devotions are available to you from the browser, choose today’s devotion and it will bring up the appropriate devotion tied to that day and time based on your computer’s internal clock, or look forward or backward through the 732 inspirational devotions and read Spurgeon’s thoughts for any day of the year. More than a devotional, Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening combined with the Logos 2.0 search engine allows you to gain insight into the mind of Spurgeon on your search topics. Expand your searches to include Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening and when you do a search on a scripture that he has expounded on your search results will bring his insight into your study; from Hendrickson Publishers, c1991.
  • 100 MIDI Hymns: All 100 MIDI hymns are provided for playback or reading, including the standard MIDI music files and the complete fully searchable lyrics for each hymn. Use the hymns royalty free, load them info your music software and make your own arrangements, or just have the hymns playing while you meditate on God’s Word.
  • Electronic User’s Guide: Better than help files, we have actually made our user’s guide into a real electronic book! Forget frustrating help file indices, now you can search your entire user’s guide for all occurances of any word or subject.

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