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Logos Home Page and Layouts

After you have installed Logos and opened it, you will see the Home Page as this is the default starting point when using Logos.

From here you can read articles which are shown in the body of the Home Page or start your Bible study by entering a verse in the Go box.

The Go Box

  1. In the Go box enter a bible reference or topic e.g. Jesus. Logos will show you a drop-down list of suggestions. You can click on one of these suggestions if you like.
  2. Click on the Go button and Logos will open a Home Page layout.

You can open other window panels for Tools, Searches, and Resources (books), but Logos will not remember these other window panels the next time you use the Go box unless you save it as a Home Page layout in the Layouts menu.

After you become more comfortable with Logos you will want to create your own Layouts. A layout will contain your resources and tools in the main Logos window. To open to your last Layout rather than the Home Page you will need to turn off this default feature.

Then the next time that you open Logos you will be taken to your Layout and Logos will save the current layout when it exits. You will probably want to create named Layouts for various studies. To do this you will open & arrange resources and tools, then save the Layout with a specific name. You can open a named Layout out by clicking on the layout button on the right side of the menubar, then in the drop down menu find your named layout on the right and click on it.

If you have a preferred Layout, you can add it to the shortcuts bar which will allow you to open that layout with a single mouse click.

You can always return to the Home Page by clicking on the Home Page icon in the upper left corner of the Logos menu bar. Then to return to the Layout window from the home page, simple click on the Home Page icon again.

Basic things to learn about Logos

  There is a lot to learn in Logos. But if you start with learning just a few features at a time and at your own pace push yourself to learn others, you will master Logos. As with any new programs it takes time to learn and gain in depth understanding and Logos is no different. So below are some suggested places to start.

Other helpful hints

Audio/Visual Explaination of Logos window parts

If you press F9, Logos will play audio explanation of screen parts. As the audio is playing a flaming image is hovered over the screen part as well as a description box.

Logos Bible Software Wiki

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