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What are Lectionaries?

  • A Lectionary is a book or listing that contains a collection of scripture readings appointed for Christian or Judaic worship on a given day or occasion.
  • See wikipedia Lectionary

Do I have Lectionaries in my Library?

  • The base packages that come with Logos usually have a set of lectionaries.
  • Open your Library and enter type:lectionary in the Find box.


How can I change the lectionary(s) that appear in the Home page?

  • Click the Dashboard menu, select Lectionary and choose lectionary name(s).
    Drag and drop cards to change their order.

How can I get a lectionary(s) off the Home page?

  • Click the menu on the relevant Card to remove it from the Dashboard.

How can I choose my preferred lectionary?

  • Open your Library, locate the lectionary and Prioritize it
  • This will select it for use in Quick Start and Home Page layouts.

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