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This page lists the features in Libronix/Logos 3 (by their menu location) and explains where the corresponding feature is in Logos.

File Menu

  • New...
    • Bible Reading Plan: Documents > Reading Plans
    • Graphical Query: Documents > Morph Query (online)
    • Note File: Documents > Notes
    • Prayer List: Documents > Prayer Lists
    • Reference List: <Not in Logos>
    • Remote Library Search: provided via Guides
    • Sentence Diagram: Documents > Sentence Diagram
    • Sermon File: Tools > Personal Books can generate indices for Sermons and Illustrations
    • Verse List: Documents > Passage List
    • Vocabulary List: Documents > Word List
    • Word List: Documents > Word List
  • Load Workspace: Layouts > Layouts
  • Save Workspace: Layouts > Name a Layout

Edit Menu

  • Undo: Use these keyboard shortcuts: Alt-Backspace; Ctrl+Z.
  • Redo: Use this keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Y.
  • Cut: Select text to cut, right-click and select “cut” (only available where text can be cut).

Search Menu

  • Basic Search: Search > Basic
  • Bible Search: Search > Bible
  • BDAG Search: Search > Basic + BDAG fields
  • Bible Speed Search: Search > Bible + Search (while typing)
  • Greek/Hebrew/Aramaic Morphological Search: Search > Morph
  • Syntax Search: Search > Syntax OR Documents > Syntax Search (to create one)
  • Fuzzy Search: Fuzzy Bible Search in Search > Basic
  • Advanced Search: not needed

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