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The layout and note suggestions below are intended to assist users in considering how layouts and notes might be used to assist in their bible study and sermon preparation.

Initial Layout

This is a fairly basic layout with the Highlighting pane open on left; your preferred bibles open in the middle (all bibles set to link set A); and a note pane open on the right. This layout and step in the study process is not intended to utilize all of the language and study resources and tools offered in Logos. It is simply a first step in developing the questions that are raised by a passage and identifying those items you want to study further.

Suggested Note Topics for this Layout


         1. Who wrote the book, letter, or passage?

         2. To whom was it written?

         3. Where did the author write it?

         4. When was it written?

         5. What was the occasion or reason for writing?

         6. What was the purpose for which it was written?

         7. What were the circumstances of the author when it was written?

         8. What were the circumstances of those it was written to?

         9. What glimpse or ideas does this passage give regarding the life, character, and purpose of the author?

        10. What are the characteristics, themes or ideas of the passage?

Initial Observations and Questions

Words and Phrases to Study

People, Places, and Things to Study

Historical and Cultural Issues to Study

Theological and Doctrinal Issues to Study

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