Info for MJ

go to BWS: Using Original language words
go to BWS: Saved Bible Word Study’s

just copy the heading text (you don’t need to enter the editor) and use the format below:

   [[text_that_shows_for_the_link >> Name_of_wiki_page # Exact_text_of_heading_in_wiki_page]]

     (paste what you copied to Exact_text_of_heading_in_wiki_page)

example from above:
   [[Using Original language words >> Bible word study # Using Original language words]]

   [[Saved Bible Word Study’s >> bible word study # Saved Bible Word Study’s]]

i fixed links in this section 2.4.2 Guide sections: Bible word study

As for my circles with numbers:

  • i use, it is free.
  • i draw filled circles, draw the arrows from the circles, then use Text tool to click in the circle and type the text.

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