Indexer stops working – deleting LibraryIndex files doesn’t help

Indexer crashes each time it runs, leaving Logos4 with no index. Deleting LibraryIndex files doesn’t fix the problem

UPDATE: Problem solved by deleting all resources related to KJV1900 and NASB95. See .

My indexer runs each time Windows 7 is restarted, but it crashes each time. Entering “Rebuild Index” command in Logos4 leads to same result. I deleted LibraryIndex files as suggested in another post. No change – indexer still crashes on each run.

Because of this bug, Logos4 has no usable index, therefore searching always yields no results. Severity high – renders Logos4 basically useless.

Software version: 4.2 SR-1 (
Reported by William Messenger.
Forum link:
Status: confirmed

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