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Logos has support for importing Libronix user documents. The currently supported documents are notes, highlighting, favorites, sentence diagrams, prayer lists, passage lists, sermon files, syntax searches, and word lists (also includes Vocabulary Lists).


  1. Highly recommended to Prepare Libronix notes for importing.
  2. In Logos, execute the command Import All from the command bar. Note the “Importing…” status message in the upper-right corner of the main window. You can cancel the import by right-clicking this message and selecting “Cancel”.

Additional information

Imported content “remembers” that it was imported. Consecutive imports can be run in Logos, without adverse effects.

Any changes to imported content in Logos will clear the link between Logos and Libronix.
That is, if you edit an imported item in Logos, and then re-import, you will see the original item from Libronix duplicated with the edited item in Logos. This is by design.

Additional commands

The following additional commands are supported in Logos:

Import Notes
imports only notes
Import Highlighting
imports only highlighting
Import Favorites
imports only favorites
Import Prayer Lists
imports only prayers lists
Import Sentence Diagrams
imports only Sentence Diagrams
Import delete (All | Notes| Highlighting | Favorites | Prayer Lists | Sentence Diagrams)
deletes all imported content of the specified type

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