Import Sermon Content

In Logos 10.0 and higher, you can import Microsoft Word .docx files into the Sermon Manager tool, to allow users to bring content into Logos quickly.

You can choose to bring in a single .docx file or do a bulk import by bringing in multiple .docx files within the same import process.

You can access this feature in the panel (“kebab”) menu of the Sermon Manager, in both the desktop software and

How to Format your Document

Microsoft Word document (.docx) is the only valid file format at this time; .doc, .pdf and other document format types are not currently supported. If you have files in another format that you would like to bring into Logos, first try to export or convert that file type into .docx.

Other Notes

Once the document is imported and opened in Sermon Builder, work has been put into place to maintain formatting, colors, font sizes, etc. as best as possible from the .docx file. In the case of colors, Microsoft Word and Logos use different color pallets so a close color equivalent match will be applied.

During the import process, Logos will also detect scripture references and tag them when applicable.

If you choose to upload a single .docx file, that document will be immediately opened within Sermon Builder once the “Done” button is clicked to confirm the import process has completed.

If you choose to upload multiple .docx files, those files will not open in Sermon Builder but will instead be highlighted within Sermon Manager to allow for quick metadata edits if desired.

Known Issues: Certain things will not correctly import into a Sermon document within Logos from the .docx file such as images, tables and hyperlinks.

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