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Logos provides a number of Guides to aid you in your Bible study e.g. Passage Guide, Exegetical Guide, the Bible Word Study Guide, Topic Guide. Each guide has a number of tools or sections, which can be added to or you can create a custom guide.

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The available Guides and sections depend on your Logos base packages!

 When you click on a section header, you will often see a progress bar appear. When Logos is done searching for relevant information, if info was found then that section is expanded. If no relevant info was found the text in the header is grayed out to let you know that none was found.

Passage Guide

 The Passage Guide (PG) provides a wealth of tools for general study of a scripture e.g. access to your commentaries, lists of cross references and parallel passages. When you start to enter a scripture in the Reference box at the top of the guide Logos will show you a drop down list of pericopes as suggestions. You can either select one of these suggestions or just click in the reference box to retain the scripture that you typed into it.

Exegetical Guide

 The Exegetical Guide (EG) is for digging into the original language words found in your scripture range e.g. exegesis of the words, textual variants, grammatical constructions. For further study there is a link to the Bible Word Study guide.

Bible Word Study

 The Bible Word Study Guide (BWS) is for studying a specific word. Logos allows you to study an English word or an Original Language word. You will notice that different sections are available when studying these two word types.

   For English words

   For Original Language words

Topic Guide

 The Topic Guide uses the LCV (Logos Controlled Vocabulary dataset) to provide information on various bible topics. The LCV enables different names for the topic to be aligned across different resources e.g. your bible dictonaries.

Sermon Starter Guide

 The Sermon Starter Guide provides information on Sermons/Outlines and Themes that have been tagged in various resources. You can enter a Passage and select a Theme if listed, or you can enter what you think might be a Theme. Otherwise just enter a passage.

   For a Passage

   For a Theme

Saving a Guide

 You can add text to a guide within the Title box, Description box, and Notes boxes. You can use the Add menu to include additional sections, reposition sections via drag and drop, or delete sections via the X in their header.
 Whenever you do that Logos will save the guide for future use, with the exact word or scripture reference that you entered. So if you were to type in the Title box, or make Notes then Logos will save the guide.
 When you enter a new word or scripture, though, the guide will revert to its template settings; the changes are temporary and you can only make them permanent by Customizing the guide.
 Saved guides can be found in the Guides menu on the right hand side. Just click on one to open it. Note that this doesn’t happen with Logos 4, so it is advised that you drag your guide into a Favorites folder before closing the guide. Then it can be opened from Favorites in the future.

Customizing a Guide

 If you often don’t use certain sections, or you aren’t satisfied with the default Settings in a section, then you should consider creating a Custom Guide. Conversely, if you frequently Add sections or reposition sections, it is likely that you need a Custom Guide. Once you have created a custom guide it is shown under the Guides drop down menu. And if you prefix the name with “My” e.g. My Passage Guide, Logos recognizes the name and uses it from the Home Page when you enter a word or scripture reference in the Go box. The name also appears in the right-click Context menu.
 You can create as many custom guides as you please.
 Logos provides a template editor which makes it easy to create or edit a custom guide:

 The editor allows for word-based and scripture-based guides, and will restrict the available sections accordingly. The Passage Guide and Exegetical Guide could share the same sections, but it is not so with Bible Word Study. And the template also allows for Topics and Preaching Themes (both word-based datatypes).

 Wiki’s are available if you want a step-by-step approach to Customizing the Passage and Exegetical Guides and Customizing the Bible Word Study Guide.

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