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Why do I need a Preferred Bible?
How to I set my Preferred Bible?

Why do I need a Preferred Bible?

  • The Preferred Bible is the Bible that you normally read from.
  • The Preferred Bible is used when you click on links which need to open a Bible.
  • When you hold your mouse over Bible passages (e.g. in commentaries) the pop-up window shows an excerpt of the passage using your Preferrered Bible.

How to I set my Preferred Bible?

  • Open your Home Page by clicking the Home Page icon at the top of the Logos window.
  • Now follow the numbered steps below:

    1. Locate the Choose preferred Bible section located near the top of the Home Page.
    2. (Logos 4/5) If you do not see it, then click this arrow until it appears.
      If it cannot be found then it needs to be selected in the Customize menu on your Home Page.
    3. If you do not see the Bible that you prefer in the list, click the more button. Logos will display a list of Bibles in your Library.
    4. Select the Bible that you prefer.

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